2018 Millemann Chambertin Grand Cru - SOLD OUT

The greatest red wine I have tasted, period, is now sold out. I never would have thought a young, 2018 Grand Cru would claim this title however this wine is truly faultless. Luckily however, we do have a few bottles of Corton-Charlemagne, Corton-Renards and Bonnes Mares left. Abusively good wines.


The below is my attempt at a tasting note:

I was stumped when I wrote this note. Where I usually automatically put pen to paper, I just couldn't. I was gifted the rest of the bottle, in fact I am having a glass right now, the second day of it being open. I will leave it at that. In Jasper's note below I can't help but feel he and Abby experienced a similar 'predicament'.


Jasper Morris, Inside Burgundy- 99 points:

*Equal highest pointed wine from Jasper Morris* 

So, we will start with the more technical tasting note. The colour is lighter and finer than its stablemates. In the bouquet, the whole bunch aspect shows more, though it has the same two thirds proportion, with some white pepper notes, in very stylish fashion, delivering a tingling elegance and an alliance with the new wood which it is easily going to manage. The fruit begins discreetly but infuses the palate steadily, and is just starting to develop nuances which were not ready to reveal themselves the previous November. It has an exceptionally long finish, and above all is a very graceful wine. The Millemanns were going away for the weekend and had no other tasting booked that day so I got to take this bottle home and served it to my wife over dinner – actually immediately after dinner as I didn’t think this wine would have worked with the planned dish. Abby was previously a professional chef and though she has never been a wine professional, she has an excellent palate based around common sense rather than enthusiasms of the moment. This wine knocked her sideways. The particular phrase she used was: “I don’t think I have ever tasted a wine like this. It just seems to be 100% present”.