Pre Arrival Offer July 2022


Pre Arrival Offer July 2022

Producers included in this offer:

  • Domaine Millet, Chablis
  • Domaine Thomas-Collardot, Puligny Montrachet
  • Domaine Buisson Charles, Meursault
  • Les Matheny, Jura


This offer is due to land in October 'roughly' (it's hard to be precise considering the state of the world). It's is a particularly focused pre arrival offer; White Burgundy the theme, with a splash of Jura for those interested.

The long awaited Ross Duke classic, Domaine Millet will see their wines from both 2021 and 2020 land. We were lucky enough to collect Russia’s allocation, that being said it is still only a fraction of what we used to receive with a mere 1200 bottle of Petit Chablis and less for the other cuvées.

Domaine Thomas-Collardot - not to be confused with Thomas Collardot of CLF - makes an appearance with more vineyards making their way back into their portfolio. A lot of hype around this producer and for good reason. William Kelley describes them as being similar in style to Jacques Carillon, not a small statement!

The first few vintages of Domaine Buisson Charles we sat on, so we often have more than one vintage at a time. It's something we'd love to keep offering but times have changed and demand for these wines has well and truly reached Australia plus, unfortunately, it seems the global market has cottoned on also and as such our allocations are as small as ever.

A comparatively small percentage of our client base delves into the wines of Jura but those do are very much rewarded with the tier-one wines of Emeric Foleat of ‘Les Matheny’. He was a winemaker for Jacques Puffeney for eight years and his Les Matheny wines - if your style - are stunning, adventurous and vinous.

Please enjoy the following wines with spring in mind or in the future with a few years in the cellar.

Cheers and all the best!


Domaine Millet, Chablis

The wines of Domaine Millet are absolutely classic and scream of Kimmeridgian Clay and marginal climate. No winemaking tricks or artifact, just a pure expression of Chablis.

2020, while warm and a drought year still managed to more than excel in Chablis and are absolutely classic. While 2021 was the definition of a nightmare for producers and yields more than minuscule many will enjoy the characteristics of an Englishman’s vintage rather than an Americans in which we have become so accustomed to.

2021 Domaine Millet Petit Chablis RRP $69

2020 Domaine Millet Petit Chablis RRP $69

White of almond, pecan, cut grass, waxy. All very classic I am happy to report! The palate is very fresh, lively and laced with detailed lime juice acidity. Pithy minerality. Very pleasing, very classic. Good!! - Jono Hersey, FWC

2020 Domaine Millet Chablis AC RRP $81

A little more body, flesh and power but still distinctly fresh with nice tension and cut grass. A nuance of unripe white stonefruit. Lanolin, white florals and nuances of more cristaline orchard fruits with reasonable definition. The palate is again, fuller but retains the same liveliness. Very present on the palate with a firmer phenolic structure and more present minerality. Longer and more drive. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2020 Domaine Millet Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin RRP $118

More subdued, brooding and powerful but with the same clarity. Lime juice, iodine, oyster shell, ripe lemon and a lovely waxy, cut grass character. The palate is again, lively but much longer with a little more power but not overwhelmingly so. Fresh. - Jono Hersey, FWC


Domaine Thomas-Collardot, Puligny Montrachet

Domaine Thomas Collardot is a 2.5-hectare domaine based in Puligny Montrachet run by Jacqueline Collardot and son, Matthieu. Their first vintage was in 2015 with the ‘Les Petits Poriers Bourgogne Blanc however Jacqueline’s father, Pierre Thomas, produced wine up until 1992. Jacqueline and Matthieu have quite quickly reclaimed the previously leased vineyards (farmed by Philippe Chavy since Pierre’s retirement) and now have a very interesting line up of Puligny Montrachet lieu dits as well as premier crus Les Folatieres and Hameau de Blagny.

Allen Meadows, Jasper Morris, William Kelley, Steen Ohman, Neil Martin and others are all singing the praises of this young, minute estate. In fact, William Kelley stated they are most closely linked to Jacques Carillon in style, not a statement one should ignore!!

"This 2.5-hectare micro-domaine is an exciting new arrival on the Puligny scene, and my visit with Jacqueline Collardot and her son Matthieu revealed plenty of promise. Winemaking is classical, with fermentation and élevage in barrel followed by three months settling in stainless steel before bottling. While the wines have a style of their own, Domaine Jacques Carillon provides the closest analogy I can think of within the village. For now, a terrific old vine Puligny Enseignères is the pick of the range, but in 2018 a small quantity of Folatières—which has hitherto been entirely purchased by another rising star of the Côte de Beaune—will be joining the portfolio. I'm not sure how much potential for expansion there is beyond that, but in any case, the future is surely very bright indeed with this small estate. Readers would do well to seek out the wines before word gets out." - William Kelley, The Wine Advocate

2020 Bourgogne Cote d'Or Blanc 'La Plante des Champs' RRP $118

A different aromatic profile presents notes of petrol, floral and white fleshed fruit. The equally succulent, round and plump flavors possess a slightly finer texture on the clean and dry finale that is delicious if not especially complex. This too is fairly described as correct. 86 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Bourgogne Cote d'Or Blanc 'Les Petits Poiriers' RRP $118

Ripe and nicely fresh aromas of pear, apple and a hint of citrus precede succulent, round and plump middle weight flavors that possess a cleansing bitter lemon character on the acceptably long and complex finale. Correct. 86 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 'Les Houlieres' RRP $304

Super-fresh and notably more elegant aromas include those essence of pear, green apple and floral wisps. There is fine richness and excellent vibrancy to the attractively textured and well-delineated medium weight flavors that culminate in a balanced finale. This well-made effort is sufficiently firm to repay 5 to perhaps 8 years of cellaring. Worth checking out. 89-91 points, outstanding. - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 'au Paupillot' RRP $304

There is a hint of the phenolic lurking in the background of the cool yet ripe aromas of white orchard fruit, acacia blossom and whiff of petrol. The slightly bigger and richer medium-bodied flavors also possess a lovely texture before terminating in a clean, agreeably dry and sneaky long finale. This could use better depth, but the underlying material is sufficiently good that developing more is a reasonable possibility. This too is worth a look provided you're wiling to cellar it for a few years first. 89-91 points, outstanding. - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 'Derriere la Velle' RRP $304

Here too there is just enough reduction to dominate the underlying fruit. The rich, generous and delicious medium-bodied flavors possess a lovely sense of underlying tension while the lemon-tinged acidity supporting the lingering finale that really fans out as it sits on the palate. This is also a very fine Puligny villages that should amply repay mid-term keeping. 90-92 points, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 'Les Nosroyes' RRP $304

Smoky reduction pushes the underlying fruit to the background though there is excellent freshness to the more refined, indeed almost delicate, medium weight flavors that deliver lovely depth and persistence. This is a first-rate Puligny villages of finesse and well-worth considering. 90-92 points, outstanding, top value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 'Les Enseigneres' RRP $349

A background hint of matchstick character suffuses the vaguely exotic aromas of passion fruit, carnation, citrus confit and a hint of Asian-style tea. The dense, powerful and saliva-inducing middle weight flavors are generously proportioned while imparting plenty of punch on the impressively long, balanced and citrusy finale. This is a big but well-balanced villages that could use better depth that should progressively develop. In short, this is a first-rate effort for its level. 90-93 points, outstanding, top value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru 'Hameau de Blagny' RRP $446

This is also exceptionally floral in character with additional breadth present in the form of the cool and airy essence of various white fleshed fruit, lemon-lime and discreet spice wisps. The dense and almost painfully intense middle weight flavors exude more prominent minerality on the compact bitter lemon-inflected finale. This refined effort should amply repay up to a decade of cellaring. 91-93 points, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru 'Les Folatieres' RRP $532

One 350 litre barrel and one 228 litre. No new wood but recent oak. Fine pale colour, plenty of fruit weight here, yet also plenty of detail with some spring and summer flowers. Notably more complexity and an excellent mineral thread running all through. Properly persistent. Very good. 92-95 points - Jasper Morris, Inside Burgundy


Domaine Buisson-Charles, Meursault

An important note to make about Buisson Charles is that they are one of the last to pick in the village (within reason). Patrick Essa believes in waiting for the grapes to ripen completely and as such showing exactly what the terroir is capable of. It has caused a lot of debate in the village as producers are picking earlier and earlier. While there has always been late picking,  this usually results in blousy, flabby wines. What Patrick Essa manages to do is create wines that are ripe yet still incredibly fresh. It is this reason why it has started such a debate. The wines are completely transparent with no winemaking artefact, just structure. It makes for very interesting drinking but note that it does require attention to fully understand just how special the message these wines portray, is.

2020 Bourgogne Aligote 'Hors Classe' RRP $123

A classic aligoté nose of spice, citrus and apple leads to dense, succulent and racy middle weight flavors that possess a lovely texture before terminating in a bitter lemon-inflected finale. This is very good and a wine to look for if you enjoy aligoté. 86-89 points, outstanding, top value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Bourgogne  Blanc 'Hautes Coutures' RRP $132

Smoky aromas of poached pear, apple and citrus rind are complemented by the rich, delicious and opulent flavors that also conclude in a bitter lemon rind-inflected finish that delivers better than average depth and persistence in the context of what is typical for the genre. 86-89 points, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault Vieilles Vignes RRP $230

Ripe aromas of hazelnut, white flowers and essence of pear are trimmed in just a suggestion of wood. Here too the medium-bodied flavors possess a lovely texture that is opulent yet focused along with an abundance of dry extract that buffers the lingering and saline finish where the only nit is a hint of warmth. Even so, this is a very good Meursault villages that is worth considering. 89-91 points, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault 'Vigne de 1945' RRP $284

This is at once slightly fresher and a bit more elegant as well with its floral and citrus-suffused nose that display background nuances of browned butter. There is excellent density and better precision to the middle weight flavors that culminate in a youthfully austere and lemony finish that is balanced, long and more complex. This is also an excellent villages and heartily recommended. 90-92 points. outstanding, top value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault 'Les Tessons' RRP $339

An exuberantly floral-suffused nose is more elegant still with its aromas of poached pear, spiced apple and citrus confit. There is excellent punch to the beautifully delineated medium-bodied flavors that display outstanding length on the sneaky long finish that is both stylish and very classy. Meursault villages wines rarely get much better than this and it too is strongly recommended. 91-93 points, outstanding, top value. - Allen meadows, the Burghound

2020 Meursault 1er Cru 'Les Charmes du Dessus' RRP $392

Restrained but exceptionally fresh aromas are very Meursault in character with their nuances of acacia, hazelnut and white orchard fruit. The dense and opulent medium-bodied flavors brim with dry extract that coats the palate on the more refined and markedly more complex finale that is dry to the point of austerity. This is packed with development potential and at least moderate patience is strongly recommended. 92-94 points, sweet spot, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault 1er Cru 'Les Bouches Cheres' RRP $392

An elegant, dazzlingly pure and airy nose combines notes of white peach, pear, citrus confit and a pretty array of spice and floral wisps. There is a more refined if less opulent mouthfeel to the stylish middle weight flavors that possess both excellent intensity and delineation while displaying outstanding length on the firm, serious and youthfully austere finish. This superb effort is very Bouches Chères in that it's a wine of finesse though one that will need at least a few years of patience. 92-95 points, sweet spot, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault 1er Cru 'Les Cras' RRP $392

This is definitely riper with its blend of both white and yellow orchard fruit, acacia blossom and subtle exotic tea nuances. The markedly saline-inflected medium weight flavors are rich and succulent to the point of opulence, all wrapped in a lingering and balanced finale. This appealing effort will need to add more depth to merit the upper end of my projected range. 90-93 points, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault 1er Cru 'La Goutte d'Or' RRP $392

A slightly riper nose reflects notes of varied dried fruit scents, especially peach and apricot, along with notes of citrus confit, white flower and jasmine tea. The rich, full-bodied and powerful bigger-bodied flavors flash a taut muscularity on the youthfully austere, very dry and hugely long finish. This is also going to require at least moderate patience as it's presently quite tightly wound. 92-95 points, sweet spot, outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru RRP $769

Discreet but not invisible wood influence is present on the spicy aromas of green apple, acacia blossom, citrus confit and a suggestion of mineral reduction. The medium-bodied flavors are not quite as dense and opulent as those of the Clos des Chaumes but by contrast, they are more mineral-driven with even better length. This will need to develop better depth to achieve the upper end of my projected range but given the potential aging curve, that may well happen. 92-95 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Bourgogne Rouge RRP $132

A mentholated top note can be found on the aromas of black raspberry, earth and floral wisps. The unusually dense, delicious and opulent middle weight flavors are exceptionally rich as the abundant dry extract completely buffers the supporting tannins, which are sufficiently firm to allow this to age well if desired. 86-88 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Pommard 'en Mareau' RRP $230

A cooler and slightly higher-toned nose speak of cherry coulis, spice and a hint of earth. There is better energy to the beautifully detailed and mineral-driven medium weight flavors that terminate in a markedly firmer, youthfully austere and lingering finale. This is classic upslope Pommard. 88-91 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Volnay 1er Cru 'Fremiets' RRP $392

Here the nose is a pungent mix of reduction and a leesy note. The medium-bodied flavors are also exceptionally rich but there is good intensity to the racy, balanced and firm finale that exhibits sneaky good length. This will need at least a few years of keeping but should be approachable young if that's your preference. 89-92 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Volnay 1er Cru 'Champans' RRP $392


2020 Volnay 1er Cru 'Santenots' RRP $392

This is also exceptionally ripe though reasonably fresh with its blend of dark berry fruit liqueur, spice and plenty of pretty floral nuances along with a slightly candied aspect. There is fine energy to the gorgeously textured medium weight flavors that deliver good if not distinguished length on the noticeably warm finale. I would add that this is quite firm and a wine that's going to require at least some patience. 89-91 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Chambertin Grand Cru RRP $1525

This too is quite firmly reduced and unreadable today. More interesting are the sleeker and more mineral-driven broad-shouldered flavors that culminate in a very firm and austere yet beautifully well-balanced finale. This beauty offers excellent development potential but it's definitely a wine for the patient. 92-94 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

Les Matheny, Jura

Emeric Foleat of Les Matheny worked under the famous Jacques Puffeney for eight years. We stumbled across him by accident after staying at his girlfriend’s Airbnb. At first we had been courteous accepting an invitation to taste his wines, but that quickly turned into me cancelling another appointment just to see Emeric’s, as I dug a little deeper. The Jazz of Jura cannot be learnt or replicated by just anyone, however it is evident here.

2019 Chardonnay RRP $1103

Brighter, fresher with a saline lift and delicate brioche. Very ripe dried pear skin, poached peach burnt peach. Grilled banana. The palate is vibrant and tropical. Quite light on its feet. Delicate peach and paw paw with delicate but long structure. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2017 Chardonnay RRP $111

Nutty, saline with plenty of dried extract, dried florals, dried orchard fruits. Still quite tightly wound with even a little puppy fat just holding on. The palate is youthful, full, vibrant with fruit weight and structure. Long and salty length. Coming together brilliantly. WHO?

2020 Poulsard RRP $96

Delicate and nuanced with amaro cherry, leather, wet moss, forest floor, plum and mountain herbs. The palate is light with firm structure but with light, long and lacey length. Amaro cherry finish. WHO?

2020 Trousseau RRP $118

Youthful and primary with plum and pleasantly bitter red berries. Firm and structured with a little puppy fat.

Macvin RRP $132

No tasting note but incredibly interesting! Sweet but curiously earthy. A powerful vin de liqueur made by arresting fermentation with the addition of local marc. Made since the 14th century.

2014 Vin Jaune RRP $268

Not tasted.

Fine 10 ans d'ages RRP $349

Tasted but without a note, out of my depth here!