Pre Arrival Offer August 2022


Pre Arrival Offer August 2022

Producers included in this offer:

  • Champagne Jean Vesselle, Bouzy
  • Domaine Jean-Philippe Fichet, Meursault
  • Domaine Michel Gros, Vosne-Romanée
  • Domaine Coquard Loison Fleurot (CLF), Flagey Echezeaux
  • Chateau des Bormettes, Provence

Cheers and all the best!

Jono Hersey

Champagne Jean Vesselle, Bouzy

Located between Épernay and Châlons-en-Champagne, Bouzy is a small village famous for its Pinot Noir. Bouzy not only produces the greatest Blanc de Noirs but it also produces beautiful still Champagne called Bouzy Rouge, or more technically correct, Coteaux Champenois.

Delphine Vesselle’s family have been grape growers in Bouzy for more than three centuries. The domaine consists of 16 hectares of prime real estate with 90% planted to Pinot Noir and 10% planted to Chardonnay where the soil is particularly limestone rich.

Champagne Jean Vesselle is an absolute French Wine Centre classic. We are allocated just 120 bottles of Oeil de Perdrix this year, miniscule compared to the 600 we can usuall recieve.

NV Extra Brut RRP $119
NV Extra Brut 1500ml RRP $241
NV Extra Brut 375ml RRP $70

In 1975 the domaine decided to introduce a natural cuvée and didn't add the usual dosage. This resulted in a clear, lively Champagne that was ideal as an aperitif. At this time there were only three producers making this kind of Champagne, each had their own name for the wine: Brut 0, Brut Savage and in the case of Jean Vesselle, Brut 100%. Today this wine is named ‘Extra Brut’. It's very interesting considering the popularity of 'Extra Bruts' and zero dosage wines today.

It has the power and roundness of Pinot Noir with the drive and minerality of Chardonnay.

80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, the base vintage is 2018 with 30-40% reserve wine.

Lovely clarity and freshness. Custard apple, lemon juice, lemon and lime pith. White florals, honeysuckle. Really quite harmonious. The palate comes into its own with energy and clarity. - Jono Hersey, FWC

NV Oeil de Perdrix RRP $129
NV Oeil de Perdrix 1500ml RRP $256

The English translation is eye of the partridge and produced from grapes with fantastic phenolic maturity and richness. They spend a few hours on skins resulting in a must that has a touch of pink. The pink turns to amber colouring with age. The amber colour is maintained throughout the vinification process as it is a sign of an unfiltered wine with a little more fruit and structure.

The concept is to honour the Pinot Noir based Champagnes of the 19th century which naturally had a blush to them.

6g p/l, no tasting due to radically low volumes.

2009 Petit Clos RRP $403
2006 Petit Clos RRP $403
2000 Petit Clos 1500ml RRP $962


Domaine Jean-Philippe Fichet, Meursault

Roulot has historically been the benchmark for pure and mineral Meursault. However, Burgundy lovers are more open minded to other producers. No longer do we just search for the biggest names, we search for style and quality and take pride in finding something that is of better drinkability and more refined than the extremely expensive examples celebrated previously. The poster boy for extreme minerality in White Burgundy or Meursault, is now Aranud Ente. That being said, his wines push extremes. I personally find Fichet sitting directly between these two mentioned producers. They are undoubtedly, incredibly tight and mineral with searing acidity but can be drunk immediately unlike Arnaud Ente. I absolutely adore this style of wine.

"(This is) real Meursault, if so unlike the buttery cliché that I and my contemporaries were brought up to expect." Jancis Robinson

"As I have said repeatedly, the Fichet wines are among the very best and purest in Burgundy." A. Meadows, Burghound

“…they are lovely wines that burst with energy and linearity.” Eric Asimov, The New York Times

2020 Bourgogne Aligoté RRP $73

High toned, energetic and tense. Pith, white florals and preserved lemon. The palate is pure, electric, very fresh and alive. Pure. Mineral. Beautiful lime acidity. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A very aligoté nose offers up its aromas of green apple, citrus and spice whiffs. The racy, delineated and attractively textured middle weight flavors terminate in a clean, agreeably dry and delicious bitter lemon-inflected finish. Worth a look as this is quite refreshing. 87 points. Outstanding, Top value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Hautes Cote de Beaune Blanc RRP $93

Painfully taut. Grapefruit, grapefruit skin, white florals and a beautiful squeeze of fresh lime. Strikingly pure and focused with wonderful drive. Very pith dominant. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Reduction. The palate impression of the middle weight flavors displays a compromise between the richness of the old vines cuvée and the minerality and punch of the aligoté on the sneaky long, lemony and refreshing finish. 86-89 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Bourgogne Cote d’Or Blanc RRP $96

Meursault vines. Again, so pure and taut but showing wonderfully ripe pear skin and poached apple. Very mineral, showing wonderful structure. Mouth filling yet boney and energetic. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Moderate reduction pushes the fruit to the background though there is good freshness to the racy and equally well-delineated flavors that also possess a dry, delicious and sneaky long finish. Lovely. 86-89 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Bourgogne Cote d’Or Blanc VV RRP $119
2020 Bourgogne Cote d’Or Blanc VV 1500ml RRP $263

Produced from two parcels of 40-year-old vines; one across a narrow road from Meursault-Charmes and another within the Meursault appellation. More subdued and brooding yet still showing its bones. Wonderful florals and another layer of detailed fruit. The palate mutes for a moment before releasing its power with very decent length and drive considering its breadth. A touch of grapefruit. - Jono Hersey, FWC

This too is sufficiently reduced as to difficult to assess aromatically. Otherwise, the denser and richer medium weight flavors possess just a bit more overall depth and persistence. This is excellent for its level and worth your interest. 87-89 points. Outstanding, Top Value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault ‘Meix Sous le Chateau’ RRP $240

The vines in this lieu-dit were planted in 1953. This tiny, steep, west facing site in the middle of the village is classically Meursault in character. More pure, showing more white florals with underlying, fresh but discreet lemon. The palate has a little puppy fat but is pure and driven. Mineral with a hint of white nectarine wrapping its bones. A little pleasing grapefruit bitterness on the finish. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Firm reduction again renders the nose impossible to assess correctly. There is though a lovely freshness and verve to the nicely voluminous and rich medium-bodied flavors that are supported by citrus-tinged acidity on the youthfully austere and sneaky long finale. This too is really quite pretty. 89-91 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound.

2020 Meursault ‘Les Gruyaches’ RRP $286

From vines planted in 1918 that are directly above Charmes and are the domaine's oldest. Showing a little more size and riper fruit with the first minsucle hint of yellow florals. Preserved lemon, bruised and dried white florals. The palate is a little more woven, but quite loosely. Showing orchard fruits and florals. Lovely mouth coating phenolics. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Fresh aromas of pear, lemon confit and elegant acacia blossom nuances give way to racy and delicious medium weight flavors that possess slightly better mid-palate density while delivering very fine depth and persistence. This is an excellent Meursault villages that's worthy of your interest. 89-92 points. Outstanding. Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault ‘Les Chevalieres’ RRP $309

One of Meursault’s finest lieux-dits: a superb plot of 30 to 77 year old vines on the same slope as the premiers crus—with soil like that of Perrières. Very taut, clenches your cheeks. Unripe stone fruit, pear skin, poached apple. Lovely spice and preserved lemon. Very mineral and jaw clenching with beautifully salivating ripe lemon and grapefruit juice. Lovely length with mouth coating phenolics and mineral drive. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Cool and airy aromas of mineral reduction, citrus and a floral whiff are trimmed in admirably discreet wood influence. There is both good richness and intense to the ultra-pure, even crystalline, flavors that conclude in a chiseled, long and balanced finale. This is a classic Chevalières with its almost aggressive minerality and refined mouthfeel. In a word, lovely. 90-92 points. Outstanding, Top Value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Meursault ‘Les Tessons’ RRP $326

No explanation needed for this lieu dits. We now import three of the seven owners of Les Tessons, this is personally very satisfying….!! Very floral, overtly so (pleasing). Waxy lemon skin, lemon oil, white of almond, tightly wound with more to come. Very energetic yet still tightly bound with puppy fat. It implodes and shows nothing before reappearing. Very ‘grand cru’ in its extremely discreet nature on the palate. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Here too there is a spicy character to the more floral if less citrusy aromas of essence of pear, apple and passion fruit. The equally elegant and pure medium-bodied flavors that possess more concentration and power on the gorgeously textured and impressively lengthy finale. This wonderfully stylish effort often rivals the Referts in quality and it appears that it will do the same in 2020. Excellent. 91-93 points. Outstanding, Top Value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru ‘Les Referts’ RRP $418

Just across the border and adjacent to Meursault-Charmes. Many growers (except for Jacques Carillon) believe this is more Meursault than Puligny and Meursault Les Perrieres is more Puligny than Meursault! Smoky and filled with preserved lemon with oodles of dried extract. Beautifully underlying dried milk. Classic. On the palate there is an extremely steely back bone. Floral, long, mineral with cloud like delicacy. Perfect Puligny. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A ripe, fresh and cool nose features notes of citrus confit, white peach, carnations and a background hint of fennel. There is both superb intensity and excellent mid-palate density to the complex, sappy and beautifully persistent finale where a touch of bitter lemon rind slowly emerges. This too is lovely. 91-93 points. Outstanding, Top Value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound


Domaine Michel Gros, Vosne-Romanée

The Gros family were one of - if not the first - to ‘domaine bottle’ in Burgundy. The history and entwined structure of the extended family is a great way to spend an evening and I encourage those interested to do so with a bottle of their monopole ‘Clos des Reas’!

The wines are 100% destemmed and have a long maceration. They are elegant and very pretty with fantastic ageing capacity. It is well known that wine writers review the wines too early as they are usually still in barrel with a while to go before bottling when they taste. Michel is one of the premier resources for those trying to understand the weather and characteristics of a vintage.

2020 Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits Rouge RRP $108

Bright nose of violet and sumptuously sweet cheery. The palate is energetic, alive and very vibrant. Nice present tannins without being too firm. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A moderately reduced nose seems notably ripe. There is again very good density to the slightly more vibrant flavors that conclude in a lingering if mildly austere finish that is less complex. This should repay a few years of cellaring. 86-88 points. - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits Rouge 'Au Vallon' RRP $116

A little darker fruit but still just as vibrant and lifted. Longer and more brooding with firmer tannins and structure. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A discreet but perceptible dollop of wood frames ripe aromas of black raspberry, violet and a floral wisp. The sleek, delicious and vibrant flavors possess more evident salinity on the slightly edgy bitter pit fruit-inflected finish. This may or may not lose the edginess in the short time it has to age. 85-88 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits Rouge 'Fontaine St Martin’ RRP $122

More closed with a slight reduction with darker plum and cherry. More mineral, floral and structured. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A more restrained and slightly cooler nose is comprised by notes of plum, cassis and soft earth suggestions. The finer and nicely vibrant middle weight flavors evidence more minerality on the lingering finish that is also ever-so-mildly edgy along with a hint of dryness. Again, it's hard to predict whether the edginess will dissipate. 85-88 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Nuits St Georges 'Les Chaliots' RRP $231

More vibrancy, more floral. Contains its wood frame with ease. Red current vibrancy. The palate is structured with bright, ripe red cherry, florals and a core of bright pith. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Here too there is a touch of wood setting off the wild blackcurrant, earth and sauvage scents. There is again good punch to the mouth coating flavors that display better balance on the slightly longer and more structured finale. 88-91 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Morey St Denis 'en la Rue de Vergy’ RRP $248

A slightly more elegant if decidedly less spicy and cooler nose speaks of red cherry, raspberry and pretty floral nuances. The sleek, delicious and notably more mineral-driven flavors possess a finer texture on the detailed and sneaky long finish that is better-balanced. 88-91 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Chambolle Musigny RRP $326

Two thirds of the total is from Les Argillières, a lieu-dit that directly abuts Musigny on its northern border with the rest being from Les Maladières, Les Mombies and Les Nazoires. More of a lavender and blueberry spectrum. There is an underlying black fruit component. Wood frame. The palate shows vanilla and spice and a considerable wood frame. Will requite time. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A slightly toasty nose combines notes of cassis and poached plum with those of violet, spice and a whiff of warm earth. The finer medium-bodied flavors possess a seductive texture on the palate coating finish that displays fine depth and persistence. This quality effort manages to pull off the trick of being robust yet refined. 89-91 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Vosne Romanee RRP $326

From three different parcels in Aux Réas, La Colombière and Au-Dessus de la Rivière. Incredibly perfumed and harmonious. Ripe and detailed with violet and lavender leaping from the underlying cassis. Beautifully ripe plum and blackcurrant. Perfectly ripe tannins with a vivid core of fruit driving through. Brilliant length. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Once again there is just enough wood to notice surrounding the ripe and nicely spicy aromas of black cherry, poached plum and exotic tea scented nose. There is fine richness to the concentrated, mouth coating and powerful middle weight plus flavors that conclude in a robust, even slightly butch, and rustic finale. Patience absolutely advised. 87-89 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Nuits St Georges 1er Cru RRP $386

From old vines in Murgers and Vignerondes. A defined and piercing red current and raspberry tension that bursts through the wood frame. Blackberry cassis dominates the rest of the aromatics. The palate is structured but with balanced ripe fruit that has a very energetic nervosity that is even seen on the side of the tongue, not just the middle line. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A very ripe nose is presently a bit flat and lacks the same freshness as the best in the range. By contrast there is excellent verve and freshness on the dense, serious and sappy medium weight plus flavors that brim with both minerality and dry extract, all wrapped in a beautifully persistent and complex finale. Given the freshness on the palate, I'm guessing the nose will eventually freshness as well and my predicted ranged offers the benefit of the doubt. 91-93 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Vosne Romanee 1er Cru 'Les Brulees' RRP $527

35+ year old vines that abutting the A.F. Gros Richebourg parcel in Veroilles. Dried mountain herbs and spice alongside a balance of ample fruit and wood. This will require absolute patience. Slight reduction present on the nose also. Perfectly formed tannins coat the mouth. The fruit is stupendously tight and wound. Much more to come but this wine genuinely needs time. It is not accessible now. Reward awaits. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Pungent aromas of reduction and wood suppress the underlying fruit at present. Otherwise, there is a highly seductive and refined texture to the medium weight flavors that brim with sappy dry extract on the detailed, stony and compact finale that is supported by both firm tannins and bright acidity. Worth considering. 90-93 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Vosne Romanee 1er Cru 'Clos des Reas' RRP $535

Tight and wound but with less reduction than the Brulees. A little more dark brooding fruit dominates with a whisper of perfume. Closed. The palate is tight and shows lovely, yet tight fruit. Again, absolutely patience is a must here. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Notes of menthol and toast are present on the nose of kirsch, poached plum and plethora of spice nuances. The velvety and delicious middle weight flavors possess plenty of punch on the firmly structured finale that is supported by bright acidity. This is still coming together and will need at least a few years of cellaring before it shows its best. 90-93 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound


Domaine Coquard Loison Fleurot (CLF), Flagey Echezeaux

Neal Martin (whilst at The Wine Advocate)
“Coquard Loison Fleurot is your new favorite domaine. I know, I know. It’s a bit of a mouthful. Writing this I keep having to check the correct spelling. It was the “surprise package” of over 100 visits tasting 2016s. It was the visit that sent tingles down my spine. It was the visit where I had to maintain my Lady Gaga-approved poker face in order to disguise the thrill. Let’s rewind a bit. C.L.F (please accept the acronym) had been on my radar for two or three years. In fact, I reviewed some of their 2013s at a London tasting organized by Robert Rolls, who distributes their wines to restaurants here in the UK. Their 2013 Clos de la Roche received 95 points, hefty praise, and in the producer blurb my avow to visit the domaine. Fast forward three years and I am sitting in Dilettante restaurant in Beaune. Serendipitously, behind me sit two chaps from Latimer Vintners who distribute C.L.F’s wines to private clients and the trade in the UK and inquire if I could join their visit to C.L.F the following day at 1 p.m. And what do you know, against all the odds, I have a rare “window” in my schedule at 1 p.m. the following day. Fate? Divine intervention? What I did not anticipate was being blown away by the quality of their 2016s in barrel. It is these unscripted episodes that I love the most. Winemaker Thomas Callodot, together with Claire Fleurot, have hit the ball out of the park with wines that will hopefully put this name on the map. For many years the crop was sold to négoçiants, and it was only around 2009 or 2010, when contracts started coming to an end, that they began bottling under their own name in their capacious winery in the heart of Flagey-Echézeaux. What is remarkable about this domaine is their holdings. Rather than the usual pyramid of holdings that might be crowned by a barrel or two of grand cru, C.L.F has no less than six grand crus to their name. Moreover, these are parcels of good vine age and considerable size, thereby giving Thomas more to play with if one or two barrels seem to be lagging behind. This includes three barrels of Grands Echézeaux from 0.18 hectares of vine, though sadly reduced to a single barrel in 2016 because of frost, as well as 1.29 hectares in Echézeaux. Oddly, their range skips over premier crus (even their sole Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru includes some declassified Echézeaux, though frankly, I would be bottling the Beaumonts under its own label!), but even their village crus are located in some of the more reputed vineyards at that level. Winemaking is classic and hands-off, and the 2016s are completely destemmed except for the Grands Echézeaux due to limited quantity. I found the oak here prudently used, whereas perhaps in previous vintages it came across a little heavier, allowing the terroirs to really shine in a vintage that permitted that. Stylistically, I was thinking of Mugneret-Gibourg or his nearby neighbor Emmanuel Rouget, wines brimming full of crystalline red fruit and tension with satin textures and spine-tingling tension. Thomas himself, a good friend of Sebastien Cathiard, seemed to be a chilled out and relaxed fellow who, perhaps out of the limelight, has been allowed to refine his craft. It is rare that you ever stumble across a domaine that owns their own vines, boasts enviable holdings of grand crus and, yet, seems to have flown under the radar with the exception of one or two eagle-eyed importers. If the wines are as brilliant as these 2016s, that will not be the case for much longer.”

Neal Martin,
This was a wonderful set of 2019s from the domaine that most people refer to as “CLF”. They have really come out of nowhere in the last three or four years, propelled by an enviable array of holdings in decent size, thereby gifting Collardot flexibility in terms of deselecting anything that does not come up to scratch and not forgetting the talent of Collardot himself. The Clos Saint-Denis knocks the ball out of the park, one of the highlights out of over 2,000 wines tasted and demonstrating just why this Grand Cru deserves to be seen as an equal to Clos de la Roche. Generally the wines are harmonious knitted together with fine-boned tannins, displays purity of fruit with impressive persistence on the finish. If you have not discovered “CLF” yet, then now is the time to do so.”

Allen Meadows, The Burghound
Producer note: Thomas Collardot runs this 9 ha 12 appellation domaine that is incredibly endowed with excellent terroirs. The viticultural approach is organic though the domaine has no interest in being certified as Coquard candidly admits that he wants to retain the flexibility, should certain circumstances arise, to be able to treat with synthetic products. The fruit is harvested manually and whole clusters are used, or not, depending on the vintage. A roughly 25-day cuvaison is followed by one week of lees settling and then the new wine is barreled down into new wood that varies between 30 and 50% save for the Clos St. Denis and Grands Echézeaux which see about two-thirds due to generally having 3 barrels of production. The élevage lasts between 15 and 18 months and then bottling, which is done accomplished without fining or filtration. I would describe the style as "refined traditional" which is to say the wines offer good purity of fruit without necessarily being fruit-forward while the individual terroirs are allowed to speak clearly. The wines are also equipped with good structure while, largely anyway, avoiding having too much austerity. These well-made wines are well-worth seeking out as I was impressed.

2020 Bourgogne Rouge RRP $131

A very fresh, pretty and layered nose offers up its notes of both red and dark currant, earth and soft spice wisps. The delicious middle weight flavors possess a beguiling sense of vibrancy while displaying fine length and depth on the balanced finish. This isn't elegant but it is refreshing. 86-89 points. Outstanding - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Chambolle Musigny RRP $286

From Les Gamaires. Ripe and attractively fresh aromas include those of black cherry coulis, spice and violet. The very rich and generously proportioned medium weight flavors possess a succulent mid-palate that contrasts somewhat with the textured and lingering finish where the supporting tannins are a bit raspy. 88-91 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Morey St Denis RRP $248

From Les Crais Gillon, Clos Solon, En Seuvrey and Corvée Creunille. There is a top note of kirsch to the earthier and spicier aromas of red and dark berry liqueur. The delicious, round and caressing flavors possess very good punch while exuding a refreshing salinity on the dusty and palate coating finale. 88-91 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Gevrey Chambertin RRP $262

From Les Champs Perriers in Brochon plus parcels in En Songe and Vignes Belles. This is aromatically similar to the Morey but with more earth influence that extends to the sleek, vibrant and slightly bigger medium-bodied flavors that possess excellent depth and persistence on the youthfully austere finale. This is a very fine Gevrey villages and worth considering. 89-92 points. Outstanding, Top Value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Vosne Romanée RRP $286

From Les Chalandins, Quartiers de Nuits, Les Violettes and Basses Maizières. Coulis-like aromas of plum, wild black cherry, Asian-style tea and sandalwood give way to rich, even opulent, flavors that retain ample punch on the surprisingly powerful, concentrated and impressively long if youthfully austere finish. This too is an excellent villages and well-worth your interest. 90-92 points. Outstanding, Top Value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Clos Vougeot Grand Cru RRP $791

From a .66 ha parcel that runs from Baudes Basses to Grand Maupertui. A fresh and unusually expressive nose features notes of red and dark cherry, white pepper and a hint of kirsch. The delicious and intense middle weight flavors possess fine depth and persistence on the equally youthfully austere finale that is also sufficiently austere to easily repay 12+ years of cellaring. Fine quality here. 92-94 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru RRP $791

From a .35 ha holding near the bottom of Mazoyères. This is the first wine to exhibit any appreciable reduction and it's enough to knock down the nose. More interesting are the rich, vibrant and intense larger-scaled flavors that possess very good mid-palate concentration before terminating in an even firmer, powerful and impressively long quality. This also appears to offer very fine quality in a built-to-age package. 92-94 points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Echezeaux Grand Cru RRP $868

From a large 1.33 ha holding in Les Treux, En Orveau and Les Poulaillères. A wonderfully expressive and broad-ranging nose displays notes of black cherry and raspberry coulis, spice, violet and sandalwood. The exceptionally rich and unusually full-bodied flavors brim with dry extract while exhibiting excellent power on the mouth coating, balanced and complex finale that goes on and on. I very much like the outstanding persistence and this is an impressive Ech. 92-95 points Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru RRP $791

From a large 1.16 ha holding in Chabiots and Mochamps. This also displays that lovely coulis character on the black raspberry and poached plum nose that, along with the Grands Ech, is the most floral-inflected in the range. There is again excellent volume to the dense and palate soaking broad-shouldered flavors that exhibit outstanding power on the refreshing yet absolutely built-to-age finale. This is terrific though I underscore that it is a "buy and forget you own it" wine. 93-96 points. Don’t Miss! - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Clos St. Denis Grand Cru RRP $1023

From a 0.16 ha holding in CSD proper.

Very ripe yet fresh aromas are comprised by notes of cassis black cherry liqueur and a lovely range of spice elements. There is excellent richness to the opulent and seductively textured medium-bodied flavors that possess a caressing mouthfeel thanks to the abundance of dry extract that buffers the very firm but well-integrated tannins on the hugely long finish. This is finer than the Clos de la Roche but not as complex though that of course is likely to change with time in bottle. 93-96 points. Don’t Miss! - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2020 Grands Echezeaux Grand Cru RRP $1256

Also from a 0.16 ha holding.

A cooler if still notably ripe nose displays fruit that derives more from the red side of the spectrum with its exceptionally floral-suffused aromas or red cherry, currant and anise. The sleek and tautly muscular big-bodied flavors possess both excellent density and focused power that makes itself especially apparent on the impressively persistent finish. This superb effort is stylish and classy though very much built-to-age. 94-96 points. Don’t miss! - Allen Meadows, The Burghound


Chateau des Bormettes, Provence

The vineyard of Château des Bormettes lies at the heart of a nature reserve next to the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated around the Saint Martin Peak (elevation: 111 meters), known for its ancient oak tree, with a cellar located under a Carthusian monastery.

The 2021 vintage offers a much lighter, dryer and fresher Rosé that previous years. I am personally going to put a dent in this shipment over Christmas!!!

2021 Cote der Mer Rosé RRP $45

2021 Instinct Parcellaire Rosé RRP $76