Pre Arrival Offer May 2023


Pre Arrival Offer May 2023 - Burgundy Release Vintage 2021

Producers included in this offer:

    • Domaine Michel Niellon, Chassagne Montrachet
    • Domaine Jean-Philippe Fichet, Meursault
    • Domaine Coquard Loison Fleurot, Flagey-Echezeaux

Our most anticipated offer for this calendar year!

I must be clear, for those that miss ‘old school’ Burgundy, 2021 is the vintage you have been waiting for. It was such a relief to taste the 2021s after the warm/hot vintages of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Terroir is more apparent with marginal ripening conditions from cooler, more difficult vintages such as 2021. This is why if you ask a grower their favourite vintages it will almost always be from warmer vintages, less disease pressure, less weather events and easier to manage in the field. 2021 was relentlessly difficult for the growers with very little reward, many plots were wiped out up to 85% of their crop. This has resulted in wines being released at increased prices but with dramatically lower volumes.

I will point out that wine writer scores seem to be a point or so lower on average than in previous years. A wine writer will not reward ‘drinkability’ or wines that are transparent as they can be seen as a style or a wine without an additional layer of concentration (reviewers are not supposed to reward a wine just because of its ‘style’).  But as a consumer and a drinker of Burgundy, I am more excited about wines with edges, heightened aromatics and jaw clenching sensations, than flavours. This is, of course, my personal taste.

I hope you all share some of the same excitement and look forward to seeing particularly vibrant wines from the 2021 vintage.

Any questions at all, please get in touch!

Cheers and all the best!

Jono Hersey


Domaine Michel Niellon

Below is a little snippet I have previously written, I believe it still gets my point across so I will leave as is:

Domaine Michel Niellon and Domaine Ramonet are the two leading producers in Chassagne-Montrachet; with cult status and followed closely by those in the know. Their minute volumes make them a name you need to search for or stumble across, but you have struck gold when you do. Niellon are often the first to pick in the village stating that they would rather pick earlier than later. Even with this mindset their wines have a wonderful volume to them, with a beautiful energetic rock salt minerality all the while.

There are three wines that are regarded as the most legendary white wines Burgundy has ever produced - Coche Dury’s 1989 Corton Charlemagne, Ramonet’s 1982 Montrachet and Michel Niellon’s 1996 Chevalier Montrachet. It hasn’t always been so for these three wines, they have had their ups and downs. In particular Niellon’s Chevalier would go through swings and roundabouts, from a perfect, polarising wine to subdued and unremarkable. This, like Burgundy itself can be half of the appeal, the raw emotion of triumph or disappointment. One moment it creates feelings and tastes never experienced then the next all has disappeared and one is left confused and lost.

It hasn’t been until the last few vintages that it seems Niellon has brought the wine back to where it needs to be, and consistently. Each year when I think of the vintage that is, I hope for years like 1996, 2008, 2010, 2014 where the conditions give the ability for great white wines to reach truly remarkable levels. Each year I wonder when this wine will reach the same level as 1993 or 1996. It gives new meaning to ‘following’ or ‘collecting’ a producer. I am going to list two reviews which sum up the wine at its peak, the first by Allen Meadows, The Burghound and the second from Pierre Rovani, The Wine Advocate.

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Bourgogne Blanc

RRP $147
Fine boned with a nuance of struck match and gun flint. White floral and lemon pith. The palate is strikingly fresh and tighter than most years for this cuvee. Full of lemon, lime, rock salt and white florals. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet

RRP $239
An assembly of 15 terroirs throughout Chassagne-Montrachet. Saline, briney, rock salt, pith and white florals. Extremely tense. The palate is extremely straight and tight. Very long, very energetic and showing a lot of its bones. Less volume than usual but far ‘fresher’. Rock salt, pith and lime juice. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru 'Clos de la Maltroie'

RRP $329
An assembly of 15 terroirs throughout Chassagne-Montrachet. Saline, briney, rock salt, pith and white florals. Extremely tense. The palate is extremely straight and tight. Very long, very energetic and showing a lot of its bones. Less volume than usual but far ‘fresher’. Rock salt, pith and lime juice. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru 'Chenevottes'

RRP $329
A vineyard with close proximity to Montrachet, that certainly reflects some of the power and brooding nature of said vineyard. Niellon’s parcel is a painfully small at 0.18 hectares.

Similar or possible even more pronounced to the Maltroie, there is an incredible, if unexplainable array of citrus oils which leap from the glass. There is an additional underlying layer of slightly heavier, more subdued citrus oils. Also a little more orchard fruit. The palate shows more immediacy in its roll out of extremely vibrant and energetic display of power and minerality. As above, the same grip and razorblades but just a level up. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru 'Champsgains'

RRP $329
Positioned on the mid slope in the centre of the village, on soils of clay and fragmented rocks. Niellon has a 0.44 hectare portion.

Showing similar citrus oils but more open, for point of exercise, oils made from riper citrus. There is more breadth, more fruit and a little less tension. White florals more present however. A far more brooding palate, more scale. Still very fresh but less linear. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru 'Clos St Jean'

RRP $363
Positioned at the top of the slope to the west of the village, just by a large limestone quarry. Many say this vineyard is more suited to red wine, however this wine, for me, is as good as white wine can be. Niellon’s parcel is 0.52 hectares.

A more complete nose combining the tight, taut nature of the Chenevottes and Maltroie but with the additional flavour from the Champgains. The palate implodes with more of a rock salt mineral drive that is so entwined and muted showing just glimpses of its power and potential. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru 'Les Chaumees, Clos de la Truffiere'

RRP $363
Situated in the northern end of the village high on the hill. The Clos de la Truffiere portion has particularly light, stony soils which produce vibrant and complex whites.

Combining the completeness of the Clos St Jean which encompasses all of the qualities of the premier crus but with another level of class, definition and refinement. Showing more dry extract instead of citrus oils. This is one of the most remarkable sensations I have experienced from a sip of wine. In summation, this has all the hallmarks of the great white Burgundies ever made. Dare I say it, better than their Chevalier of previous years. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru

RRP $2063
Another painfully small parcel for Niellon at 0.22 hectares. Situated above La Cabotte and below Bouchard, this is their only plot within Puligny. Situated on the limestone plateau, it took explosives to be able to plant the vines in 1968 and 1972.

Almost completely mute, showing just a glimpse of extreme concentration without any sign of weight. Periodically the wine shows a nuance and then quickly disappears. There is almost nothing I can write to describe the length and power of this wine. Following the Clos de la Truffiere this is now the best wine I have put in my mouth. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet Rouge

RRP $131

Chassagne Rouge in the right hands is fantastic value. Niellon has three parcels totalling 1.5 hectares.

An ethereal nose with perfume, light but ample fruit, defined and pleasing. The palate shares the same olfactory filling lightness with extreme pleasurability. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Pale colour with the slightest of sulphide reduction. Much cleaner on the palate with a lively red fruit in a cherry fruit style. Lucie went for a light extraction in 2021. Attractive finish and no rough tannins. Drink from 2024-2026. Tasted: October 2022. 88 Points – Jasper Morris, Inside Burgundy


Domaine Jean-Philippe Fichet

Roulot has historically been the benchmark for pure and mineral Meursault. However, Burgundy lovers are more open minded to other producers. No longer do we just search for the biggest names, we search for style and quality and take pride in finding something that is of better drinkability and more refined than the extremely expensive examples celebrated previously. The poster boy for extreme minerality in White Burgundy or Meursault, is now Aranud Ente. That being said, his wines push extremes. I personally find Fichet sitting directly between these two mentioned producers. They are undoubtedly, incredibly tight and mineral with searing acidity but can be drunk immediately unlike Arnaud Ente. I absolutely adore this style of wine.

"(This is) real Meursault, if so unlike the buttery cliché that I and my contemporaries were brought up to expect." - Jancis Robinson

"As I have said repeatedly, the Fichet wines are among the very best and purest in Burgundy." - Allen Meadows, Burghound

“…they are lovely wines that burst with energy and linearity.” - Eric Asimov, The New York Times

2021 Domaine JP Fichet Bourgogne Aligote

RRP $81
Apple and pear with a little seaspray and tension but quite approachable. The palate is electric and driven but wrapped in ample, flavoursome fruit. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet  Hautes Cote de Beaune Blanc

RRP $104
Showing a little reduction which clears to show custard apple and granny smith apple along with beautiful seaspray salinity. The palate is driven and tight with a pelasant lemon juice and lemon zest. Mineral. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet  Bourgogne Blanc Cote d'Or

RRP $108
From within the limits of Meursault; three parcels: Les Dressoles (planted 1963), Les Grands Clous Perrons (Planted: 1948-1972-1982) and Les Grandes Coutures (Planted 1960).

A little reduction, custard apple and gunflint. Lovely tension, lemon zest, lemon oil, lime, lime zest, lime leaf. Extremely detailed and moreish. The palate is tight, extremely long and electric with brilliant minerality and pleasing grapefruit bitterness. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet Bourgogne Blanc Cote d'Or VV

RRP $134
Produced from two parcels of vines; one across a narrow road from Meursault-Charmes (Les Pellands, planted: 1945-1950-1970-1986) and another below the village of Meursault (Les Millerands: planted 1973).

More depth, richness and yellow florals. Still tense with nice definition. Nuance of sweet spice. Cumquat, mandarin, grapefruit. Slightly rounder in shape but more minerality. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet Meursault Meix sous le Chateau

RRP $286
The vines in this lieu-dit were planted in 1953. This tiny, steep, west facing site in the middle of the village is classically Meursault in character. Fichet is the only producer to bottle a wine solely from this lieu-dit.

Tighter, higher toned with seaspray and incredibly detailed and moreish kaffir lime zest. The palate is muted for a considerable period before slowly releasing consistent and energetic force. Taut! - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet Meursault 'Les Gruyaches'

RRP $339
From vines planted in 1918 that are directly above Charmes and are the domaine's oldest.

There is incredible detail of citrus that I have not seen before. Changing on every assessment and becoming tighter with air, all the while there is an ‘airy’ lightness. The palate is muted even though the power and potential is ever so apparent. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet Meursault 'Les Chevalieres'

RRP $372
One of Meursault’s finest lieux-dits: a superb plot of vines on the same slope as the premiers crus—with soil like that of Perrières. Planted: 1930-1995-1950-1976.

The most taut, saline and fresh nose so far. A nuance of citrus oil with incredible clarity. Pithy, seaspray. The palate is again, quite muted but showing absolute electricity, power and energy 30 seconds and more after consumption. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet Meursault 'Le Tessons'

RRP $386
No explanation needed for this lieu dits. We now import three of the seven owners of Les Tessons, this is personally very satisfying….!! Planted: 1949-1965-1976.

Dry extract, white florals, lemon zest, lime, mandarin oil. Seaspray , saline and lifted with jaw clenching tension. The palate explodes with unparalleled energy, minerality and drive. Woven phenolics. Pith. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2021 Domaine JP Fichet Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru ‘Les Referts’

RRP $494
Just across the border and adjacent to Meursault-Charmes. Many growers (except for Jacques Carillon) believe this is more Meursault than Puligny and Meursault Les Perrieres is more Puligny than Meursault! Planted: 1963.

Gunflint, reduction, saline, seaspray, dry extract, mandarin oil, keffir lime, bay leaf, thyme and rosemary all fill the olfactory. The palate has weight in the form of razor blade minerality and grippy yet fine phenolics. Extremely long. - Jono Hersey, FWC


Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot, Flagey-Echezeaux

Neal Martin, “Coquard Loison Fleurot is your new favorite domaine. I know, I know. It’s a bit of a mouthful. Writing this I keep having to check the correct spelling. It was the “surprise package” of over 100 visits tasting 2016s. It was the visit that sent tingles down my spine. It was the visit where I had to maintain my Lady Gaga-approved poker face in order to disguise the thrill. Let’s rewind a bit. C.L.F (please accept the acronym) had been on my radar for two or three years. In fact, I reviewed some of their 2013s at a London tasting organized by Robert Rolls, who distributes their wines to restaurants here in the UK. Their 2013 Clos de la Roche received 95 points, hefty praise, and in the producer blurb my avow to visit the domaine. Fast forward three years and I am sitting in Dilettante restaurant in Beaune. Serendipitously, behind me sit two chaps from Latimer Vintners who distribute C.L.F’s wines to private clients and the trade in the UK and inquire if I could join their visit to C.L.F the following day at 1 p.m. And what do you know, against all the odds, I have a rare “window” in my schedule at 1 p.m. the following day. Fate? Divine intervention? What I did not anticipate was being blown away by the quality of their 2016s in barrel. It is these unscripted episodes that I love the most. Winemaker Thomas Callodot, together with Claire Fleurot, have hit the ball out of the park with wines that will hopefully put this name on the map. For many years the crop was sold to négoçiants, and it was only around 2009 or 2010, when contracts started coming to an end, that they began bottling under their own name in their capacious winery in the heart of Flagey-Echézeaux. What is remarkable about this domaine is their holdings. Rather than the usual pyramid of holdings that might be crowned by a barrel or two of grand cru, C.L.F has no less than six grand crus to their name. Moreover, these are parcels of good vine age and considerable size, thereby giving Thomas more to play with if one or two barrels seem to be lagging behind. This includes three barrels of Grands Echézeaux from 0.18 hectares of vine, though sadly reduced to a single barrel in 2016 because of frost, as well as 1.29 hectares in Echézeaux. Oddly, their range skips over premier crus (even their sole Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru includes some declassified Echézeaux, though frankly, I would be bottling the Beaumonts under its own label!), but even their village crus are located in some of the more reputed vineyards at that level. Winemaking is classic and hands-off, and the 2016s are completely destemmed except for the Grands Echézeaux due to limited quantity. I found the oak here prudently used, whereas perhaps in previous vintages it came across a little heavier, allowing the terroirs to really shine in a vintage that permitted that. Stylistically, I was thinking of Mugneret-Gibourg or his nearby neighbor Emmanuel Rouget, wines brimming full of crystalline red fruit and tension with satin textures and spine-tingling tension. Thomas himself, a good friend of Sebastien Cathiard, seemed to be a chilled out and relaxed fellow who, perhaps out of the limelight, has been allowed to refine his craft. It is rare that you ever stumble across a domaine that owns their own vines, boasts enviable holdings of grand crus and, yet, seems to have flown under the radar with the exception of one or two eagle-eyed importers. If the wines are as brilliant as these 2016s, that will not be the case for much longer.”

Allen Meadows, The Burghound This was a wonderful set of 2019s from the domaine that most people refer to as “CLF”. They have really come out of nowhere in the last three or four years, propelled by an enviable array of holdings in decent size, thereby gifting Collardot flexibility in terms of deselecting anything that does not come up to scratch and not forgetting the talent of Collardot himself. The Clos Saint-Denis knocks the ball out of the park, one of the highlights out of over 2,000 wines tasted and demonstrating just why this Grand Cru deserves to be seen as an equal to Clos de la Roche. Generally the wines are harmonious knitted together with fine-boned tannins, displays purity of fruit with impressive persistence on the finish. If you have not discovered “CLF” yet, then now is the time to do so.”

Allen Meadows, The Burghound "Producer note: Thomas Collardot runs this 9 ha 12 appellation domaine that is incredibly endowed with excellent terroirs. The viticultural approach is organic though the domaine has no interest in being certified as Coquard candidly admits that he wants to retain the flexibility, should certain circumstances arise, to be able to treat with synthetic products. The fruit is harvested manually and whole clusters are used, or not, depending on the vintage. A roughly 25-day cuvaison is followed by one week of lees settling and then the new wine is barreled down into new wood that varies between 30 and 50% save for the Clos St. Denis and Grands Echézeaux which see about two-thirds due to generally having 3 barrels of production. The élevage lasts between 15 and 18 months and then bottling, which is done accomplished without fining or filtration. I would describe the style as "refined traditional" which is to say the wines offer good purity of fruit without necessarily being fruit-forward while the individual terroirs are allowed to speak clearly. The wines are also equipped with good structure while, largely anyway, avoiding having too much austerity. These well-made wines are well-worth seeking out as I was impressed."

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Bourgogne Rouge

RRP $154
From Flagey-Echezeaux vineyards below the Clos de Vougeot.

Bright red and black cherry lifts from the glass with brilliant equilibrium. Ripe, yet tense. Light on its feet with brilliant energy and succulent ripe and fine tannin wrapped in fruit. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Super-fresh and quite pretty aromas of various red berries give way to delicious and energetic lighter weight flavors that conclude in an inviting, highly refreshing and saline-suffused finale. This isn't dense but it is well made and a wine that should reward 2 to 3 years of keeping. 86-89 Points, Outstanding. - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Chambolle Musigny

RRP $362
Far finer and more transparent than previous years. Fine red cherry and raspberry with rosewater and rose petals. The palate, again, is incredibly light on its feet and delicate with beautiful finesse and length. Very, very fine tannins. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From Les Gamaires: An equally pretty and fresh nose combines the cool essence of red cherry with soft spice and floral nuances. The wonderfully sleek and refined flavors possess excellent punch while exuding apparent minerality on the stony, balanced and lingering finish. This very 'Chambollesque' effort is worth considering. 89-91 Points, Outstanding – Allen meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Morey St Denis

RRP $309
A little more fruit with classic Morey sauvage. Crunchy red cherry , raspberry tension. A class above your usual MSD. As the nose leads on there is a plethora of crunchy red fruits that display tension and for the moment shows a little puppy fat. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From Les Crais Gillon, Clos Solon, En Seuvrey and Corvée Creunille: A much earthier and more deeply pitched nose reflects notes of plum, dark currant and a whiff of red pinot fruit. There is better volume and richness if not the same refinement to the nicely textured and persistent finale that gradually reveals a touch of austerity. 88-91 Points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Gevrey Chambertin

RRP $326
Furry red fruit, moss, wet rock, detailed, classic and fresh. Considerably floral for Gevrey. Extremely light on its feet muted for a moment before showing unusually delicate, small, yet presenttannins but with the usual breadth. Long and delicate. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From Les Champs Perriers in Brochon plus parcels in En Songe and Vignes Belles: Discreet wood frames the layered blend of red and blue pinot fruit that is cut with hints of the sauvage and freshly turned earth. There is a bit more volume to the almost painfully intense flavors that also possess a sleek mouthfeel thanks to the relatively fine-grained tannins shaping the youthfully austere, lengthy and balanced finale. This is an excellent villages. 89-92 Points, Outstanding – Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Vosne Romanee

RRP $363
More brooding yet also the most floral with extremely prettyviolets and sweet rose. While more brooding, it is, like the others extremely transparent. The palate is high toned, olfactory filling, energetic, fruit filled with near perfect structure. Very long, ever changing fruit. Difficult to express through words. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From Les Chalandins, Quartiers de Nuits, Les Violettes and Basses Maizières: An overtly spicy nose mixes aromas of red and dark currant, exotic tea, anise and a pretty violet top note. Here too there is fine mid-palate volume to the delicious medium-bodied flavors that possess very good density while delivering excellent length on the balanced finale. This could use better depth, but a few years of bottle aging should prove beneficial. 89-92 Points, Outstanding/Top Value - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Clos Vougeot Grand Cru

RRP $1180
Again, more fruit, heavier, more brooding, less floral but with the introduction of purple and blue fruits. Very closed. As the nose suggests, very much more blue fruited with heavier fruit accompanied by luxurious, mouth coating tannins. Very long. Beautiful. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From a .66 ha parcel that runs from Baudes Basses to Grand Maupertui: An admirably discreet application of wood easily allows the fresh, cool and bright aromas of essence of red cherry, raspberry and earth to be appreciated. The plump yet intense larger-scaled flavors flash focused power on the sneaky long, balanced and youthfully austere finale. This will need moderate patience if a bit less than usual. 91-93 Points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru

RRP $1180
Same generosity of fruit as above but with higher toned red fruit, more tension, white florals, violets and fresh roses. Round, ripe delicate tannins with moreish ripe   red cherry. Round yet long with quintessential Gevrey shaped structure but with a certain fine delicacy. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From a .35 ha holding near the bottom of Mazoyères: Here too the wood is nicely subtle if more apparent with the earthier and sauvage-inflected red berry fruit aromas than is the case with the Clos de Vougeot. The sleek, intense and beautifully detailed flavors possess a relatively sophisticated mouthfeel thanks to the fine-grained tannins that shape the precise, powerful and lingering finale. 91-93 Points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Echezeaux Grand Cru

RRP $1254
Again, same volume of fruit as the first 2 Grand Crus but with the arrival of black fruit. While the most closed on the nose it is the most powerful and long so far. Ripe, yet light black cherry with incredible definition and energy wraps the core of the strong, perfectly ripe but not intrusive tannins. Brilliant length and structure. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From a large 1.33 ha holding in Les Treux, En Orveau and Les Poulaillères: A broad range of spice elements adds breadth to the various red berry fruit, exotic tea and sandalwood-scented nose. The delicious, intense and beautifully delineated medium-bodied flavors possess equally good power and fine-grained tannins on the balanced and impressively long finish. This could use better depth, but it should reasonably develop with time in bottle. 91-94 Points - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Clos de la Roche Grand Cru

RRP $1178
Mineral with a red, blue and black fruit wildness. Closed on the day. Very mineral, structured showing, structured, showing less fruit but more of its bones than previous Grand Crus. Long, light and lacey. Fine, classic. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From a large 1.16 ha holding in Chabiots and Mochamps: An ultra-fresh and attractively spicy nose blends the essence of red cherry and raspberry with those of earth and floral wisps. The cool, intense and almost crisp middleweight flavors possess terrific delineation on the moderately austere and strikingly complex finale. This is an impressive effort for the vintage though patience will absolutely be necessary. 92-95 Points, Sweet Spot - Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Clos St Denis Grand Cru

RRP $1410
Again, incredibly closed just showing blue and black dark fruits. A lift of medicinal glazed cherry character intermittently. Muted for a moment before a slow release that leads to the longest lengththus far. Incredibly powerful, long and closed. - Jono Hersey, FWC

From a .16 ha holding in CSD proper; Here too there is a really lovely array of spice elements adding appeal to the cool nose that also displays notes of essence of red berries along with pretty floral nuances. The rich, supple and seductively textured medium weight flavors possess a more sophisticated mouthfeel on the long, balanced and youthfully austere finale. This distinctive and classy effort isn't quite as complex as the Clos de la Roche at present though with age, that may well chance. Lovely. 92-94 Points, Sweet Spot – Allen Meadows, The Burghound

2021 Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot Grands Echezeaux Grand Cru

RRP $1954
Just like the Clos St Denis, this is a stepup with the same, if not a little more density. It gives a little more nose with blockbuster energy. More fruit apparent on the palate with incredible mouth filling volume, size and scale yet all with the lightness and equilibrium seen on the previous wines. A wine that requires age but has immediate balance. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Also from a .16 ha holding. A strikingly layered nose combines notes of anise, clove and exotic tea with those of plum, red cherry and a hint of violet. The super-sleek, intense and again, beautifully delineated medium-bodied flavors also possess a truly lovely texture thanks to the refined supporting tannins, all wrapped in a powerful, driving and impressively persistent finish. Like the CSD, this is quite classy as well with just a bit more muscle. 92-95 Points, Sweet Spot - Allen Meadows, The Burghound