If I were to describe this pre arrival in a phrase, it would be a; a selection of artisanal wine that overdelivers.

Domaine Pierre Amiot of Morey Saint Denis are the only producer in the category with a price that is often only just over $100. In the scheme of Burgundy, this is a remarkably good value producer. Premier Cru Morey Saint Denis for $123 puts a genuine smile on my face.

Champagne Cazé Thibaut produces Champagne with minimal or no sulphur and while atypical, are utterly delicious wines of extreme difference and pleasure.

Our third vintage of Agnès et Didier Dauvissat. Allocations are slowly growing as we nicely yet persistently ask for more each year. We have genuine supply issues of Chablis, we are not expecting these wines to last long. 2019 Chablis is good and when picked at the correct time, it’s sensational. They nailed the picking date.

Domaine Robert-Denogent is still the leading producer in Pouilly Fuissé. The boys: Antoine and Nicolas, are tightening the structure of the wines and the results are long powerful wines with forever-lingering pleasantries.

Domaine Frédéric ‘Freddy’ Berne is a star and his Beaujolais wines are a joy to consume. More of a focus on his home village of Lantignié in this order with four single vineyard wines from there, and one from the ‘Les Terraces’ vineyard in Chiroubles.

Domaine Maxime Dubuet Boillot as a young producer, realises that the price of Burgundy is an inhibitor and as such he has started producing a wine five kilometres east of Pommard. The resulting wine is a beautiful Pinot Noir which is fresh, typical and affordable. A very nice IGP Pinot Noir. My autumn drink of choice.

As always I am at your disposal,

Jono Hersey


Producers Included in this Offer

  • Cazé Thibaut - Châtillon sur Marne Champagne
  • Domaine Agnès et Didier Dauvissat - Chablis, Burgundy
  • Domaine Robert-Denogent - Pouilly Fuise, Burgundy
  • Domaine Maxime Dubuet-Boillot - Volnay, Burgundy
  • Domaine Pierre Amiot - Morey Saint Denis, Burgundy
  • Domaine Frédéric Berne - Lantignié, Beaujolais

Champagne Cazé Thibaut - Châtillon sur Marne, Champagne

Fabien Cazé of Cazé-Thibaut is producing some of Champagne's most interesting wines. They can be polarising on paper but make perfect sense in the glass! 

Fabien is a young, dynamic and energetic tenth-generation vigneron from Châtillon sur Marne in the Vallée de la Marne, who has changed the direction of his family cave almost full circle. He idolises Selosse for the way terroir is expressed. 

Fabien farms six parcels of vines in Châtillon and Vandières totalling 2.66 hectares. No herbicides or insecticides and all of the work is done by hand.

2017 Champagne Cazé Thibaut ‘Naturellement’

  • 100% Pinot Meunier from Châtillon sur Marne.
  • Raised in 50% Fut de Chene and 50% stainless steel.
  • Organic practices (Not certified)
  • 2 years on lees
  • 1.7g/l dosage
  • Not fined, nor filtered

Incredible richness of quince, pound pears, a nuance of reduction that turns to crystalline flavours of custard apple. The palate is full, fresh and round. A flavoursome Champagne yet in-check and structured. Plenty of dried extract. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2017 Champagne Cazé Thibaut ‘Jossias’ Rosé

  • 100% Pinot Noir
  • Organic practices (not certified)
  • Jossias is a plot planted on a south-east facing slope in Vandieres, Vallée de la Marne.
  • A long slow fermentation takes place in a mixture of old wood barrels. 
  • 2 years on lees
  • 0.0g/l dosage
  • Not fined, nor filtered

Filled with raspberry, unripe strawberry and roses. A confusingly beautiful and pleasing nose with an array of fruits and florals. The palate is filled with raspberry, dried orange, grapefruit all with a squeeze of lime juice. Mineral and layered with pleasing bitter undertones. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2015 Champagne Cazé Thibaut ‘Jossias’

  • 100% Pinot Noir
  • Jossias is a plot planted on a south-east facing slope in Vandieres, Vallée de la Marne.
  • Organic practices (not certified)
  • A long slow fermentation takes place in a mixture of old wood barrels. 
  • 3 years on lees
  • 2g/l dosage
  • Not fined, nor filtered

Beautifully crisp green apple, almost unripe but still with incredible interest. As the wine warms a slight stewed apple, delicate spice and mountain herbs are all carried with a beautiful fresh air, cooling sensation. An incredibly fresh, energetic palate. Crunchy green apple, mountain herbs, and a touch of star anise. Mineral and long. - Jono Hersey, FWC 

2015 Champagne Cazé Thibaut ‘Les Leriens’

  • Co-planted 45% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Meunier and 10% Pinot Noir.
  • Organice practices (Not certified)
  • Les leriens is a single parcel of co planted varieties which faces east in the villeage of Chatillon sur Marne.
  • A long slow fermentation takes place in a mixture of old wood barrels. 
  • 3 years on lees
  • 3.7g/l dosage
  • Not fined, nor filtered

More ‘present,’ more powerful. Spice, ‘browned’ fresh green apple, fresh sea breeze, preserved lemon, saline. The palate is textural, mineral, grippy, with baked apple bramble, ‘browned’ apple, star anise. While it has breadth there is a phenolic component to the wine which holds focus to the palate. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Domaine Agnès et Didier Dauvissat - Beine, Chablis

Agnès and Didier along with their son Florent, are classic producers to the utmost degree. We saw their 2017s fly out the door. 2018 proved to be a sibling of the 2017 vintage rather than a distant cousin - some producers allowed the warmer weather to diminish those classic Chablis qualities however Agnès et Didier Dauvissat made spectacular examples. As a result, the 2018s were focused, mineral and fresh.

2019 proves that they are a top producer in Chablis today. 2019 was another ‘solar vintage’ with low yields meaning many of the wines produced possess a tropical character. However, for those that picked precisely on time and managed their canopies in the vineyard, the wines are a cross between 2014 and 2018. This is a fantastic combination.

Didier is a distant cousin of Vincent Dauvissat. Son Florent, has worked at Copain in Healdsburg California, and with Frederic Mugnier in Chambolle-Musigny. It’s obvious to me that he is a very

thoughtful winemaker. Their Petit Chablis is fresh and stony; their Chablis AC is also fresh and stony but with magnificent structure and breadth, and is quite masculine in the most Chablis way possible. Their premier cru vineyard Beauroy, lies within the township of Beine. The wine itself is so detailed whilst light on its feet, and airy.

As usual during my visit, I ate all of Agnès’ Gougere, played with their dogs and walked away with a huge smile on my face, I truly LOVE mineral and precise Chardonnay.

2019 Domaine Agnès et Didier Dauvissat Petit Chablis

Closed and reserved showing hallmark airiness with an additional, very pleasing fresh water freshness. The palate is incredibly delicate with a fine structure. Light on its feet. Not hugely concentrated nor dense but very fine. A wine for absolute consumption. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2019 Domaine Agnès et Didier Dauvissat Chablis

While still delicate, the nose is definitely firmer with more fruit. High toned ripe lemon juice and boiled lemon drops. The palate is fresh, vibrant and energetic. Predominately very pure lemon, white florals and a touch of white nectarine. So delicate and fine. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2019 Domaine Agnès et Didier Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru ‘Beauroy’

2019 Domaine Agnès et Didier Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru ‘Beauroy’ 1500ml

Similar fresh rainwater and airiness on the nose as the Petit, but with more detail. A nuance of delicate lime, honeysuckle and jasmine. Zippy, fresh and fine boned on the palate. Lovely length and fine structure. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2016 Domaine Agnès et Didier Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru ‘Beauroy’ 1500ml

High toned, tense, preserved lemon, defined florals and crystalline ripe pear. Dried lemon. The palate is woven, defined and mouth filling. Flavours are persistent and very long. On both the nose and palate dry extract builds, the wine tightens and becomes more aggressive. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Domaine Robert Denogent - Pouilly Fuissé, Burgundy

Domaine Robert-Denogent is one of the original Lapierre disciples and they are true believers in clean natural wine. What sets them apart from the other disciples is that they are in white wine territory rather than Beaujolais. Very, very old and low yielding vineyards picked at optimal ripeness with plenty of acidity. Minimal to no sulphur is used and the barrels are stored at sub ten-degree temperatures to ensure an extremely long cold primary and secondary fermentation. Some bottlings spend up to 36 months in barrel and somehow become tighter and tighter… it defies logic but the result is nothing short of magnificent.

If Burghound and the likes of are anything to go by, these guys are producing Pouilly Fuissé that matches the top five white wine Domaines of Burgundy proper.

It is widely known that Domaine Robert-Denogent is the best producer in the Mâcon.

William Kelley on Domaine Robert Denogent:

This fine 8.5-hectare domaine located in the village of Fuissé enjoys a deserved reputation for quality and consistency. Old vines, moderate yields and organic farming of their 35 different parcels are the foundation of their renown. Harvesting is by hand, followed by fermentation with ambient yeasts and unusually long élevage on the lees for between 20 and 36 months—in concrete eggs, stainless steel tanks and barrels, depending on the cuvée. Indeed, Denogent told me that his family increasingly see long élevage as the secret to achieving harmony and integration in warm, ripe vintages. The result is wines of depth, texture and concentration, clearly differentiated by site. They come warmly recommended.

2017 Domaine Robert Denogent St Verans ‘Pommards’

A high-toned saline and iodine nose. Yellow florals, slight reduction that blows off in the glass. Star fruit, white nectarine, dried flowers. The palate is full and powerful and while not necessarily with a defined core, but instead zippy acidity that fires off in multiple directions in the mouth. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Bottled after 24 months' élevage, the 2017 Saint-Véran Les Pommards Vieilles Vignes opens in the glass with aromas of beeswax, freshly baked bread, yellow apple, dried white flowers and mandarin. Medium to full-bodied, satiny and enveloping, it's a wine of real concentration and texture yet remains lively and dynamic, concluding with a long and saline finish. - 93 Points. William Kelley, Wine Advocate

 2018 Domaine Robert Denogent Vire Clesse ‘en Chatelaine’

Not tasted during my visit however the 2017 was one of my favourite wines from our last shipment.

Variety: From own rooted Chardonnay-Muscate vines. (100 years old and never seen a chemical…) 

2017 Domaine Robert Denogent Pouilly Fuissé ‘La Croix’

35 months in barrel. Note: from 80+ year old vines planted in soils with a high proportion of schist

Incredibly fine but flavoursome with crystalline, ripe orchard fruits of pear, pound pear, golden apple, quince, all with an overriding combination of sweet spice and sea spray. There is a cooling sensation that builds purity through the overtly dry extract dominant palate. So very mineral and structured. - Jono Hersey, FWC

There is plenty of phenolic character (think olive oil nuances) to the notably ripe aromas of yellow-fleshed fruit, and in particular, apricot and peach, all of which is trimmed in just enough wood to notice. Once again there is excellent size, weight and richness to the large-scaled flavors that exude evident minerality on the firm, long and powerful finish. This won't win any accolades for finesse or refinement, but it is undoubtedly impressive in its imposing fashion. 93 Points. Outstanding. - Allen Meadows, Burghound

2018 Domaine Robert Denogent Pouilly Fuissé ‘Les Reisses’

*A premier cru vineyard from 2020 onward. Note: a monopole for the domaine with 80+ year old vines that are planted in deep clay.

More orchard fruit, ripe yet defined pear (golden and pound). So detailed, so beautiful. Dried white florals and a nuance of jasmin. - Jono Hersey, FWC

A pungent nose combines notes of petrol, citrus confit, dried apricot and hints of olive oil and wood. The caressing, plump but racy medium weight flavors exude a distinct bead of minerality while exhibiting excellent length on the bone dry and balanced finale. This needs to develop better depth with time in bottle, but the underlying material appears to be present for that to occur. 91 Points. Outstanding. - Allen Meadows, Burghound 

2018 Domaine Robert Denogent Pouilly Fuissé ‘Les Cras- Cuvee Claude Denogent’

85+ year old vines.

A subtle but not imperceptible touch of wood sets off mildly exotic aromas that are quite floral in character. There is both excellent volume and a really lovely texture to the finer if slightly less concentrated flavors that flash equally good minerality on the chalky, citrusy and bone-dry finale. Like the Reisses, this youthfully austere effort will need at least a few years to add depth. 91 Points. Outstanding. - Allen Meadows, Burghound

Domaine Dubuet Boillot - Volnay, Burgundy

2019 Domaine Dubuet Boillot IGP ‘Les Granges de Verbaut’ Pinot Noir

IGP Pinot Noir five kilometres east of Pommard.

Pure, vibrant, wonderful fruit but not flamboyant. Nice spice and nuance of violets. The palate is vibrant, firm, succulent, crunchy and juicy all along with perfectly balanced fruit. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Domaine Pierre Amiot - Morey Saint Denis, Burgundy

I have touched on what makes Morey Saint Denis so special before, however it is worth highlighting two elements…

1) It has a very high ratio of grand cru but alas, we see ‘Morey-Saint-Denis’ on labels far less than its famous neighbours. This fact is reinforced simply by its small size altogether as a village.

2) Producers/vineyards often have a hint of Gevrey or Chambolle character all the while with Morey’s distinct signature. If you like Chambolle, drink more Morey!

Domaine Pierre Amiot are wonderful traditional producers, their wines display terroir with respect. The grapes are 100% destemmed; the wines are concentrated, structured and are wrapped in a beautiful coating of ripe wild fruits. They are not overtly flashy but rather in check and confident.

2019 Domaine Pierre Amiot Bourgogne Rouge

From multiple plots below the N74, with a vine age of 40 years. Miniscule production totalling 2800 bottles, from 0.35 hectares.

High toned, tense, light on its feet, more floral with lovely violet brightness. On the palate the wine is ripe and resolved with beautiful tension. Lovely red fruits, minerality, tension and a nice bitter black cherry note. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis

The two main parcels are those of Chenevery and Clos Solon with additions from Très Girard, Porroux, Les Crais and Les Brâs totalling 1.85 hectares.

The vine age varies between 25 and 60 years of age.

Reserved nose with restrained violets, plum, blackberry and overtly ripe raspberries. The palate implodes with power. The fruit unravels in the mouth. Black cherry, aniseed, kirsch cherry, overtly ripe decaying fruit in the most pleasing form. Lovely savoury cherry length. - Jono Hersey, FWC

An unusually spicy nose is comprised by notes of both red and dark berry fruit cut with evident earth influence along with not so subtle wood. There is both good energy and freshness to the delicious middle weight flavors that possess an almost sweet mid-palate that contrasts with the mildly warm but not really rustic finish that is dry in the best sense. 88 Points. - Allen Meadows, Burghound

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Aux Charmes’

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Aux Charmes’ 1500ml

Just over one hectare of 50-year vines next to Grand Cru Charmes Chambertin.

While still on a black fruit spectrum there is a wonderful floral lift and a beautiful bitter black cherry note. Quite reserved. The palate is very ripe and suave. Silky, satin like tannins, lots of very dark, brooding fruit. Relatively round in shape. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Here too there is plenty of spice influence on the more elegant aromas of plum, dark raspberry and violet that are trimmed in more subtle wood influence. Once again there is a certain sweetness to the supple and rounded medium weight flavors that also possess good energy while offering just a bit more length. This moderately firm effort will need to develop more depth, but the underlying material appears to be present for that to occur. 89 Points. - Allen Meadows, Burghound

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Millandes’

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Millandes’  1500ml

One hectare of 30-60-year old vines, directly below Clos Saint Denis.

More perfume and lift. A slightly lighter, red fruit profile wafts from the glass. The palate is ripe with very present tannins all the while with bright red fruit. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Moderate wood surrounds the brooding liqueur-like aromas of red and dark currant, plum and a whiff of the sauvage. However, unlike the prior wines the wood can also be found on the mid-palate of the round, succulent and surprisingly forward flavors that culminate in a mildly sweet yet somewhat grippy finish where the wood resurfaces. This is on the oaky side today and is a wine that will need at least a few years to better integrate the wood treatment. 91 Points. Outstanding. - Allen Meadows, Burghound.

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Blanchards’

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Blanchards’  1500ml

From a small parcel measuring 0.17 hectares in the centre of the village with a vine age of 50 years.

A brooding, darker fruit spectrum builds in the glass. Quite fruit forward with a wonderfully intense blackcurrant cassis aroma. The palate is suave with ripe ‘rolling’ tannins. Brooding and building in viscous length. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Again, a subtle but not invisible touch of wood sets off earthier if less spicy aromas comprised of primarily purple fruit and in particular plum. There is better volume to the vibrant and suave medium-bodied flavors that are shaped by slightly firmer and somewhat less refined tannins on the youthfully austere finale. At least some patience is going to be necessary. - 91 Points. Outstanding. Allen Meadows, Burghound

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Ruchots’

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Ruchots’ 1500ml

Just over one hectare of vines directly beneath Clos de Tart, vines are in excess of 55 years.

Shares the same perfume and delicacy as the Charmes and Millandes but is more detailed and vibrant. The palate is also the most defined and balanced with a really lovely resolved tannin structure. - Jono Hersey, FWC

An attractively layered nose combines notes of spiced plum, dark cherry and discreet violet aromas that are trimmed in ample but not really annoying wood influence. The sleek, delicious and appealingly textured middle weight flavors also culminate in a firm, serious and grippy finish that doesn't seem to have its usual level of depth. 90 Points. - Allen Meadows, Burghound.

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru ‘Les Combottes’

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru ‘Les Combottes’ 1500ml

A fantastic site completely surrounded by grand crus. It is in a very slight ditch meaning it just doesn’t get the same exposure as its neighbours. A total of 1.53 hectares, with a vine age varying between 15 and 75 years.

Closed and reserved with a nuance of white truffle and underlying red and black fruit. While usually the most brooding of all the premier crus, this vintage the wine is looking superbly balanced and delicate considering its power. The palate is wonderfully balanced with fruit and firm yet non-intrusive structure. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Tasting note: Moderate wood is present on the notably ripe but pretty and even airy aromas of mostly red and dark currant that are sprinkled with floral and spice hints. The supple middle weight flavors are supported by firm and relatively fine-grained tannins that contribute to the nicely textured flavors that are at once dusty yet quite stylish. This too is a bit woody at present but is a wine that should be able to eat its wood with a few years of bottle age. 91 Points. Outstanding. - Allen Meadows, Burghound 

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Clos de la Roche Grand Cru

2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Clos de la Roche Grand Cru 1500ml

Note: from five separate parcels that total 1.2 hecates, located in Monts Luisants, Fremières, Chabiots and Mochamps.

A relatively forward, brooding nose with plenty of spice. Very powerful. The palate is full and an absolute brut. No part of the mouth is left un-assaulted. The spectrum of fruit is ever changing. The fruit becomes more defined and tannins more woven as exposed to oxygen. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Once again moderately generous wood influence can be found on the complex nose of notably ripe plum liqueur, anise, earth, sauvage and forest floor scents. There is fine volume and density to the suave, palate coating and rounded flavors that possess good power on the impressively persistent finish. This needs to develop more depth, but it has the potential to be excellent if held so that the depth can eventually emerge, and my rating offers the benefit of the doubt in this regard. 93 Points. - Allen Meadows, Burghound

Domaine Frédéric Berne - Lantignié, Beaujolais

2019 Domaine Frédéric Berne Beaujolais-Lantignié ‘Granit Rose’

High toned blue and purple fruit with vibrant violets lifting from the glass. A nuance of white florals and lime pith accompany the suave and succulent raspberry aromas. The palate is delicate but with relative structure wrapped in juicy, crunchy red fruit. - Jono Hersey, FWC 

2019 Domaine Frédéric Berne Beaujolais-Lantignié ‘Pierres Bleues’

More brooding, tightly wound with underlying blue and black fruit characters showing particular density. Lavender and mountain herbs. The nose, while sweet fruited with liqueur fruits, has a painfully tightly wound core. The palate is so powerful yet balanced with forest fruits, plum, bramble and very pleasing blueberry aromas. Jono Hersey, FWC 

2018 Domaine Frédéric Berne Beaujolais-Lantignié ‘Les Vergers’

*Apologies no tasting note.

2018 Domaine Frédéric Berne Beaujolais-Lantignié ‘Les Bruyeres’

Showing a nuance of bruised cherry that tightens and cleans up as the wine spends time in the glass. Ripe ‘furry’ plum. Alternating nuances of blackberry liqueur and violets.The palate is firm but with an incredible amount of vibrant fruit that builds and salivates in the mouth like nothing else. Long and fresh, wonderful fruit. - Jono Hersey, FWC 

2018 Domaine Frédéric Berne Chiroubles ‘Les Terraces’

Quite closed but whispers of lift and perfume. Lavender, plum, bramble and blackberry cassis. The palate is full and unctuous. Bold. It has depth but not necessarily expressive at the moment however I do believe this will develop and blossom with time in bottle. A pretty lavender and lime pith component on the finish. - Jono Hersey, FWC