'Lockoffs' with Jono Hersey

It seems to be that time of year again here in South Australia and elsewhere in Australia of course. This lockdown I am inviting everyone to have daily ‘lockoffs’ with yours truly. Lockdown knockoffs: six wines, six days starting Thursday the 22nd of July. Offer: $350 delivered (RRP $463)


Thursday, 22nd July:

2017 Domaine Robert-Denogent Pouilly-Fuisse 'La Croix'

Cheese: Comte 18 month



Friday, 23rd July:
2018 Domaine Pierre Amiot Morey St Denis
Cheese match: Soumaintrain



Saturday, 24th July:
2017 Champagne Caze Thibaut 'Naturellement' Pinot Meunier
Cheese match: Delice de St Cyr



Sunday, 25th July:
2018 Domaine Frédéric Berne Chiroubles 'Les Terraces'
Cheese match: Chèvre d’Aquitaine


Monday, 26th July:
2019 Domaine Agnes et Didier Dauvissat Chablis AC
Cheese match: Brie de Meaux / Affidelice


Tuesday, 27th July:
2019 Domaine Dubuet-Boillot IGP Pinot Noir 'Les Granges de Verbaut'
Cheese match: Secret de Compostelle