The Inaugural French Wine Centre Champagne Offer


The Inaugural French Wine Centre Champagne Offer

Champagne season is upon and this year we are making a conscious effort to help you, and ourselves be as organised as we can be prior to Christmas. While this offer closes on the 7th of December, the earlier your order, the better. The Champagne is in our warehouse and while we have reasonable stocks we are expecting to sell out prior to this offer closing.


Last year we had sold out of Champagne by this date. We tuned up our timing and buying and now have 6 out of our 9 Champagne producers available plus our incredible Crémant de Bourgogne producer; Domaine Lucie Thieblemont from Chablis.

The offer entails the following, but strictly excludes pre arrival and JP Morel as these products already offer extreme value.

If you are ordering online the calculations should work automatically.
If you would like to order via email or phone: 
Harry: 0437 782 433


- 6 packs -


-10% off a mixed or straight 6 pack of Champagne.*

-Free freight.


-Dozens -



-15% discount on mixed and straight dozens.

-A free magnum of JP Morel Carte Noir with every dozen sold.**

-A free magnum of JP Morel Carte Noir with every 2 dozen Cremant de Bourgogne sold.**

-Free freight on both your order and free magnum.


*If you are a Premier Cru member or Grand Cru member you will receive your 20% / 25% discount respectively. If you would like to become a Premier or Grand Cru member please email

**Until stocks last (100 magnums available).




The Champagnes of Jean-Paul Morel are easily the most classic that we import. Pinot Noir dominant that burst with red fruits and classic autolysis notes of brioche and croissant. They are approachable, pleasing yet will satisfy Champagne enthusiasts.

The first thing you will note is the dramatically affordable price of these wines. Jean-Paul prices his wines extremely fairly and we decided to go one further and price these wines to compete with the big house Champagnes. We want your introduction to grower Champagne to be with Champagne JP Morel. These are not cheap Champagnes, they are affordably priced Champagnes.


NV ‘Carte Noire’ Brut Reserve      RRP $49 (No further discounts/promotions)

Grand Cru Champagne: 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay.

A nose of red apple, cinnamon, preserved lemon, fresh croissant and brioche. A nuance of toffee-apple balanced with taut salinity lifts in the glass as it is exposed to oxygen. The same character of red toffee-apple, preserved lemon and sea spray drives through the palate with a powerfully round, yet fresh structure and persistence.


2008 Millesime       RRP $99 (No further discounts/promotions)

Grand Cru Champagne: 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay.

Very tight and restrained with good volume and richness. An obviously slow evolution of 13 years on lees remaining very fresh. Showing more fruit and primary characters than the 2007. Nuances of sweet spice however definitely a back seat role.

Incredible power and drive with aggressive minerality and structure all wrapped in lovely fruit. This appears to have become even fresher than previous years. An absolute stand out.





Fabien Cazé carved out a little under three hectares of vineyards from his family’s holdings to create his own domaine. These are the first wines I have tasted, and they are promising. Organic viticulture and a minimalist style yield Champagnes of notable transparency. All of the wines are aged in neutral oak and bottled with minimal dosage. One of the unique aspects of Champagne is the very long time required to take a wine from harvest to market. These wines are all based on the 2018, 2017 and 2016 vintages. My impression is that future releases will be even more compelling. Fabien Cazé is a name to watch. - Antonio Galloni,


Fabien is a Selosse disciple and makes wine first, Champagne second. These are vinous treasures and his popularity is growing very quickly with every single release. We were truly lucky to be able to lock in an allocation when we did as these wines are now very hard to obtain.


2019 Naturellement       RRP $127
Terroir: Vallée de la Marne, Rive droite, Châtillon sur Marne Reuil
Assemblage: 100% Pinot Meunier
Vinification: Barrel. No filtration, no fining. Natural cold stabilisation.
Sulfitage: 0.30 in total

As always, there is a welcoming, vinous wildness about the nose. There is a quince, baked apple, cinnamon and spice character with an underlying salinity. The palate is fine yet wild and moreish. More saline than previous years. Lovely. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2018 Jossias Rosé         RRP $182
Terroir: Vallée de la Marne, Rive droite, Vandières
Assemblage: Pinot Noir 100 %
Vinification: Barrel. No filtration, no fining. Natural cold stabilisation. Blended rosé 14% red hillside from the same plot, harvested 15 days later.

Filled with raspberry and unripe strawberry, rose, a confusingly beautiful and pleasing nose with an array of fruits and florals. The palate is filled with raspberry, orange, grapefruit all with a squeeze of lime juice. Mineral and layered. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2017 Les Chemin des Plants          RRP $179
Terroir: Vallée de la Marne, Rive droite, Vandières. South facing.
Assemblage: 100% Chardonnay
Vinification: Barrel. No filtration, no fining. Natural cold stabilisation.

"These are all the Chardonnays from the estate, namely Les Fourches (Vandières) and Mont Bernard (Reuil) assembled because in the spring of 2017 we had late frost (May 5). The Chemin des Plants is a mid-slope vineyard road that winds between these plots of the right bank of the Marne Valley from these two neighboring villages." - Fabien Cazé

2017 Les Leriens        RRP $208
Terroir: Vallée de la Marne, Rive droite, Châtillon sur Marne. East facing.
Assemblage: Chardonnay 45%, Pinot Meunier 45%, Pinot Noir 10% sélection massale.
Vinification: Barrel. No filtration, no fining. Natural cold stabilisation.

The most subdued and harmonious. There is a big squeeze of detailed lime juice over boiled apple and pear. A particular briochey softness also. The palate is so, so, so vibrant. Salty, structured and long. Very fine mousse. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2016 Millesime          RRP $185
Terroir: Vallée de la Marne, Rive droite, Châtillon sur Marne
Assemblage: Pinot Meunier 100%
Vinification: Barrel. No filtration, no fining. Natural cold stabilisation.





Third generation winemakers Laurence and Charles Bafford took over the domaine in 1998 and have grown the vineyard holding to 6.5 hectares situated around Bussuet on the slopes of Vitry. The satellite Champagne region has soil with an unusually high percentage of chalk. The domaine is 100% organic. Delicious wines that truly do portray a unique expression of Chardonnay.


NV Pepin de Vigne Extra Brut (70 CH, 30 PM)          RRP $104

The nose is full yet fresh and precise. Ripe green apple, apple skin, lemon rind and lovely florals. A very harmonious and vibrant nose without being aggressive. The palate has drive yet is approachable. Lovely energy and structure in the form of ripe orchard fruit skin and pith. - Jono Hersey, FWC

NV Fleur de Craie Blanc de Blancs Brut          RRP $124

Preserved lemon, bruised preserved lemon, lemon sherbert, white florals, nuance of croissant and brioche. The palate is very energetic, mineral and vibrant. Lemon, lime acid, lemon pith, chalk, wet stone, slight cut grass and lemon soursob. Very long and pithy. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2013 Carnet de Leone Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut           RRP $198

Slight reduction, baby sick, pound pear skin, ripe apple skin, quite restrained. The palate is so structured, mineral and phenolicly-built. Such presence and stature. Still fine. So grippy. So much dried extract. Akin to drinking Chablis Grand Cru Le Preuses, maybe even more mineral! - Jono Hersey, FWC





In 1897 Ernest Cazals, a cooper from the South of France, married a girl from Champagne. That was the creation of what is now known as Claude Cazals.

The domaine has nine hectares of vines spread across four villages in the Cotes de Blancs; Le Mesnil sur Oger, Oger, Vertus and Villeneuve. The pearl of the domaine is a 3.7 hectare clos in the heart of Oger next to the church. The oldest vines which ripen almost a full degree higher than other vines of Oger, go into Le Clos Cazals while the younger vines go into La Chapelle du Clos. Both very serious examples of grand cru Chardonnay in Champagne. The Clos is one of only 21 in the whole of Champagne and it is the largest!

Claude Cazals coinvented the now famous gyropalette that riddles bottle of wine mechanically until the dead yeast settles in the neck of the bottle ready for disgorgement. A huge claim to fame!

These wines are highly sought after, particularly in America where demand far outweighs supply.


NV Claude Cazals Cuvee Vive Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru          RRP $125

NV Claude Cazals Cuvee Vive Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru 1500ml Magnum      RRP $299

High toned, white florals, lemon curd, preserved lemon, saline, iodine and oyster shell, white of almond. The palate is electric and energetic with a suave, silky coating of creamy mousse. Very mineral, very long. - Jono Hersey, FWC

NV Claude Cazals Cuvee Rosé            RRP $135

Lifted rose petals, savoury rhubarb, a copper tone. Quite discreet. The palate is light on its feet, quite 'zippy'. A drizzle of lime acidity. - Jono Hersey, FWC

2016 Claude Cazals 'Chapelle du Clos'            RRP $283

Unfortunately it was the 2014 that we tasted on our visit, not 2016.

2013 Claude Cazals ‘Clos Cazals’             RRP $396

As above, unfortunately notes were taken for the 2012 release and not 2013. Apologies!





Champagne Leclaire Thiefane have vineyards in Avize and the surrounding Cote de Blancs. I was immediately drawn to these for their energy and silk characteristics, similar electricity to say Guiborat with a bit more of Pierre Peters’ silk. I fell in love with these Champagnes and as the producer has only just starting taking their vineyards back from long term leases, we were able to secure a couple of pallets, a harder task than one would think in Champagne!

Cuvee 01 Apolline - Grand Cru Avize - Blanc de Blancs      RRP $120
Delicate white of almond, delicate white florals. All in control, defined and fine. With air more orchard fruits begins to reveal. High toned and energetic yet fine and wrapped in silk. Very suave, long and fine. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Cuvee 02 Guillemette – Rosé         RRP $154
A lovely, very faint salmon colouring. A fragrance of delicate rose petal, slightly unripe raspberry, nuance of green been, white of almond and split pecan. Lovely salinity. The palate is salty and briny with defined unripe strawberry and whisps of ripe raspberry. A tiny squeeze lime juice. Very, very fine, enticing and long. - Jono Hersey, FWC

Cuvee 03 - Constantin - Grand Cru de Cramant VV - Blanc de Blancs        RRP $185
There is a detailed, slight composing white floral character. Slightly more richness than Cuvee 01 shown through floral decaying character. Lifted lemon, lime and grapefruit sit alongside a slight pecan and white of almond nuttiness. The palate is again, incredibly energetic and driven all the while with the feeling of being wrapped in silk. A slightly rich lemon juice and sherbet character dances on the tongue. - Jono Hersey, FWC






Run by Didier Vergnon and son, Clement (4th and 5th generation respectively), and founded in 1950, this domaine is one of the finest in the Côte des Blancs. With predominantly grand cru sites and a good portion within the infamous ‘Les Chetillons’ vineyard and surrounds, JL Vergnon produces intensely powerful and taunt Blanc de Blancs. It was Didier’s father who believed that mature, clean and ripe fruit was the key to fine Champagne. It enabled them to chaptilize less and use less dosage. They also found it helped translate the terroir of the incredibly white soils of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, in the wine.

“This is one of the top estates in the Côte des Blancs today.” Peter Liem,


NV ‘Murmure’ Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature 1er Cru 1500ml        RRP $225

50% Vertus 1er Cru, 50% Villeneuve. No malo, fermented and aged in 50% stainless steel and 50% seasoned 400 litre barrels. 36 months on lees. Tasting note: Beautiful crystalline purity. Defined, lifted floral notes with fresh lemon pith. The palate has a fine line of minerality that does not overwhelm but effortlessly carries the detailed fresh citrus and Granny Smith fruit flavours.

NV ‘Rosemotion’ Extra Brut Rosé Grand Cru 750ml         RRP $145
90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir. 90% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 10% Oger and Avize. No malo, 80% stainless steel, 20% seasoned 400 litre barrels. 36 months on lees.




Here is a little more technical detail than I would usually include. However, my point is to show that this is different to a mass produced Crémant de Bourgogne found on the shelves.

TERROIR | It is between Tonnerre and Molosmes, on a Kimmeridgian-type terroir close to that of Chablis. The limestone subsoil and the stony ground, remarkably well drained, ensure the grapes an optimal development.

SITUATION | Added to Burgundy's soil are the advantages of the Champagne climate, with Champagne being only a few kilometers away. On perfectly exposed hillsides - south, south-east - the Pinot Noir vines flourish beautifully and condense the best of the two great wine regions that surround them.

IN THE VINEYARD | Plowing and tillage to limit inputs. Manual harvest of course!

VINIFICATION AND ELEVAGE | Pressing in pneumatic presses for slow and "gentle" juice extraction. Fermentation - natural alcoholic and malolactic, under regulated temperatures. The base wine is aged for a year before being bottled. It is then kept for two years minimum "on slats". No liqueur is added at the time of disgorging: this Crémant extra-brut is said to be non-dosed, hence its name "BRUT ZÉRO"


NV Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Zero Blanc de Noirs      RRP $55

Huge red fruit energy that jumps out of the glass. Raspberry, rhubarb, strawberry, fennel and mountain herbs. The palate is alive and focused with beautifully defined red fruits. This is seriously fine, exciting fizz. - Jono Hersey, FWC