Collection: Château De Bonnezeaux

A miniscule AOC of 80 hecatres on prized sandstone schists with quartz and pthanite lodes which is usually reserved for sweet wine production using the Chenin Blanc grape variety. Chateau de Bonnezeaux began its history in the 19th century. A large hill ontop of the gentle hill of Bonnezeaux. After a 30 year period of vineyards that have periodically been rented out or abandoned, Louis-Edgard de Pinieux inherited the vines and brought on family member, Guyonne Saclier de la Bâtie and hit the ground running, saving the old abandoned vineyards as well as planting/purchasing more ideally located vines. Pierre Bousseau and Florian Zuliani joined the Domaine to facilitate the above activities.

Walking through the vines there is incredible life. The period of being abandoned was a time for many other vineyards, a time of heavy chemical application and as such life would cease to live there creating uninteresting, stale soils. Not the case for these magical vineyards.

As for the wines themselves. These are wild and not for the faint hearted. They require air and attention. They are truly unique and I encourage everyone with any desire of vinous adventure to get around these.

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