Collection: Domaine Frederic Berne

Lantignie, Beaujolais

This is our second shipment of Domaine Frederic Berne’s wines. It is always such an exciting visit. Freddy himself, a tall Frenchman with an incredibly gentle and humble demeanour is always welcoming. His wines are vibrant, pure and terroir specific which are all the joys of a great Burgundian producer but with the price tag of Beaujolais!

He is still powering along with the purpose of elevating Lantignie to be the 11th Cru of Beaujolais. In fact he is now the President of the Lantignie Growers Association.

There was one major change to the line up of wines produced. Freddy no longer produces the Lantignie ‘Les Vergers’ and only minor volumes of the Gamay Noir. He now produces two cuvees from Lantignie at the same price point. Lantignie ‘Granit Rose’ from the east half of Lantignie which is grown on pink granit soils and Lantignie ‘Les Bruyeres’ which is a single site on the west side of the Lantignie which is grown on blue granit. The difference is remarkable.