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A very well-respected producer within France yet unheard of outside of France. Being based in Aluze (Cote Chalonnaise) certainly does not help! Alain was a sommelier/office worker at varying periods in his life before becoming a vigneron. The combination of a little disposable money, thirst and knowledge led him to pursue absolute quality at any cost. With fundamentals in place including drastically reducing yields and picking at the correct time, it allows the best chance of producing incredible wines as we see here and as Alain describes below, there are more fundamentals for him, in producing fine wine. Many talk about it, but Alain carries this out. The estate has been certified organic since 1999 and is also certified biodynamic by Demeter

 “At the cellar, we use only natural yeasts, and follow the profile specific to each vintage and each terroir, thus avoiding additives or manipulations of any kinds. The wines are bottled without fining or filtration. Everything is naturally grown on their estate, hand-harvested, and fermented using indigenous yeasts for spontaneous fermentation.  They use no additives and no fining or filtering.”

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