Collection: Les Matheny

Matheny, Jura

Emeric Foleat of Les Matheny worked under the famous Jacques Puffeney for eight years. We stumbled across him by accident after staying at his girlfriend’s Airbnb. At first we had been courteous accepting an invitation to taste his wines, but that quickly turned into me cancelling another appointment just to see Emeric’s, as I dug a little deeper. The Jazz of Jura cannot be learnt or replicated by just anyone, however it is evident here.

A note on the two Chardonnays:

If you are new to Jura, try the 2016 for less salty, nuttiness. If you are ready for a little more Jura Jazz try the 2014. Both Chardonnays receive partial ‘sous voile’ which results in a slightly nutty, salty texture without the intensity of a full Vin Jaune. But if you are all out ready for a Jura experience drink the Vin Jaune! All of these wines will go wonderfully with Comté.