: About Us

The French Wine Centre are importers of some of the finest wines of France.

We are a direct to consumer wine importer. 

Selecting, importing and retailing directly to the public and venues that pride themselves on offering quality French wines to their customers.

This business model was created by Mr Ross Duke, who brought the finest French wine into Australia for almost 50 years. Ross was one of the few who pioneered fine French wine in Australia.

From its earliest beginnings back in the 1970s, the Ross Duke Wine Company focused on more than simply sourcing the finest-possible wines from Australia and overseas. It was synonymous with establishing relationships and developing connections. Connections with customers. Connections with winemakers and their families.

About Ross Duke

Initially, the Ross Duke Wine Company specialised in both developing exports of Australian wines and importing fine French wines.

But in 1994, Ross decided to concentrate purely on the latter, establishing the French Wine Centre as the marketing arm of the business and building on the many friendships he had cultivated with French growers over the previous two decades as a trailblazing Australian importer at events like Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne and the L’Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux.

The Ross Duke Wine Company  set the standard in the industry, not only with its extensive selection of wines from all corners of France but also through exciting and innovative events, such as special tastings or meeting the Burgundian winemakers themselves. Ross and his Champagne consultant, Victor Pugatschew traveled France every year to sample the latest vintages and cuvées, choose wines, unearth up-and-coming talent and, of course, nurture existing connections with growers. Widely regarded as one of the finest palates in Australia, Ross's endeavours speak for themselves: superb wines at the fairest-possible prices that are not only available to customers but also to restaurants and retail outlets.

Jonathan Hersey is humbled to have been selected to succeed Ross Duke at the French Wine Centre.

Continuing the great tradition of bringing fine French wine to Australia.